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02-19-2010, 12:59 PM
Anyone been or heard of this place? Saw an ad in OKC Gazette.

Organics OKC Garden Supply - Organics OKC garden supply (

02-19-2010, 09:11 PM
Thanks for the link. I am an organic gardener and even am a past member of the Oklahoma Organic Gardening Association and have never heard of this place.

02-20-2010, 10:21 AM
Been meaning to stop by, they are located in the small strip at NW 36th & Penn with the 7-11.
thanks for the link

02-23-2010, 03:30 PM
We have been open since the 18th of january and would be happy to help anyone wanting to get there garden ready for spring.please give us a call at 405-528-4769 thanks and have a nice day.
Organics OKC Garden Supply - Organics OKC garden supply (

03-30-2010, 07:33 AM
Yes, I was referred there by a friend! I stopped by yesterday and got everything I needed to start my garden. I am a newbie at gardening but they made me feel very comfortable. I'm definitely impressed!