View Full Version : Olympic luge accident and the news media!

02-13-2010, 08:53 AM is my rant. It seems to me the new media seems to always get it backward. They seldom give quality time toward things that are news worthy in how people contribute toward making our world a better place. Instead they seem to glorify horrific events --to a point of being morbid. I was so sickened by the frequent showing of the man who lost his life on the luge track yesterday. The spoken word about the accident was bad enough. But to show his death, on video, over and over again is just morbid! Does any one else agree or am I just over sensitive?

02-13-2010, 09:17 AM
Haven't seen it, you have a link to it?

02-13-2010, 09:54 AM
I didn't see it because I didn't want to buy into their sensationalizing what was a very tragic accident.

Just the fact alone that this person died as he did was enough. I don't need to have the sense of tragedy pounded down my throat for the sake of ratings.

My husband even tried to describe it to me and I cut him off.

Boston, if you're that set on seeing it happen, try a google search. It's out there - particularly on NBC or MSNBC.

02-13-2010, 10:09 PM
While I will agree that NBC went way overboard showing the accident and photo's of them trying to recussitate the athlete, it was news. Showing the actual luge accident once would have been enough. It wasn't graphic in and of itself, he was tossed out of the track backward and head first and hit a fixed beam holding up a roof section. He probably never felt a thing. The graphic part was the aftermath NBC seemed hell-bent to show and without warning of its graphic nature. My 9 year old was a little shocked by it but we had no warning.