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02-09-2010, 04:32 AM

Got fish? Freshwater, saltwater, pond, anything?

Are you interested in the fun aquarium hobby? Already a new hobbyist? Maybe you are experienced?

Well, I have got fantastic news. You are not alone!

The Oklahoma Aquarium Club is a local club (newly founded) that will meet all of your needs and more. This is really exciting!

This is the place to interact with other fellow hobbyist online and in person with monthly meetings.

The Oklahoma Aquarium Club (

It is free to register and be in the club. It is free to be involved with all the fun activities. We do offer paid membership (for the year 2010 is free) with extra benefits.

Online Features

- Forum
- Articles
- Blog
- Gallery
- Shout Box
- Chat Room
- Latest Fish News
- Programs (awards)
- and much more!

Each month, the club gather together at a selected location for fun activities. We host auctions, where you can bid on virtually everything way cheaper than anywhere else.

Buy/Sell/Trade/Auction on fish, plants, rocks, tanks, equipments, rare items, collectibles, and so much more!

If you want to be a paid member (free for the year 2010), fill out a form at the meeting or email it in. You'll receive 10% discount at local supporting fish stores, join in with the mass orders to save on shipping.

It doesn't matter if you only have a Betta or stock full of aquariums, this is the place to be. Join today to share your stories, pictures, ask for help, or anything.

Don't forget, when you register (free) on the forum, be sure to put down you heard about TOKAC from Thunder. :-)