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02-07-2010, 01:42 AM
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It's 10:30 p.m. on a Wednesday. The rain has just passed, so I pick up my friend Jocelyn from Electro Lounge to head to Robotic Wednesdays. To our dismay, a downpour of ice pinging my car makes it hard to drive. Mother Nature seems to want to keep us from our dance party.

We finally get to Kamp's Market and Deli on Classen Boulevard and run inside to avoid getting wet. Itís $5 for people under 21 and $3 for 21 and over. Score to only paying $3, and boo to feeling old.

The place is busy, but not to its full potential -- yet. A dance floor is on one side of the room, and most of the youngsters are on the other side. It's a much younger crowd than I expected, likely due to the lack of 21-and-under venues around the city.

After a swift move to the full-service bar, I become acquainted with my vodka soda and sit down to people watch. The crowd is diverse, full of hipsters, prepsters and emo types young and old. At about midnight, the herd of all types, shapes, and ethnicities rolls onto the dance floor, where Dance Robots, Dance! are doing what they do best -- playing electro music. Tonight it is remixes of hip-hop, indie, rock and originals, and people are loving it. It's a serious dance fest.

The guys of Dance Robots, Dance! are Robotic Wednesdays, and theyíve created an exceptional brand for themselves. The legacy of Robotic Wednesdays dates back more than four years, when Dance Robots, Dance!, a DJ group, starting performing every week at Electro Lounge. It became wildly popular, so much so that it brought in well-known DJs from all over the world, including DJ Mom Jeans (Danny Masterson), Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns and members of Hot Hot Heat and Toxic Avenger.

The more it grew, the more it needed a much larger venue, so it moved to Kampís Deli less than a year ago. Kampís is a deli by day, but on Wednesday nights the lights are in full force, music blaring and a bar transforming it into a full-on nightclub. The difference between Robotic Wednesdays at the Electro Lounge and Kamp's Deli is the people. I made friends, some great friends, by frequenting Robotic Wednesdays and dancing my butt off when it was at Electro Lounge. Back then, it was made up of mostly, well, to be frank, hipsters. Now, the crowd is as diverse as a Friday night at Ednaís, only younger.

Whether you are a former attendee or a current attendee, we can all agree on at least one thing -- Robotic Wednesdays is not for lounging. It's a dance party -- get up and dance your tail off!

Robotic Wednesdays

Who: Dance Robots, Dance!
When: 9 p.m. every Wednesday
Where: Kampís Market and Deli, 1310 NW 25
Information: Dance Robots, Dance! (
Upcoming Event: Feb. 10, Dance Robots, Dance! with Vandamn

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02-08-2010, 06:40 AM
sounds fun! I'll be there this wednesday!