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02-08-2005, 10:28 PM
American expanding state service

By Adam Wilmoth
The Oklahoman

One week after Delta Air Lines eliminated its Dallas-Fort Worth hub, American Airlines is adding more than 100 flights at the airport in a move that already has created more options for Oklahoma travelers, the airline said Monday.

The expansion will add 119 flights and 11 routes by July.

Oklahoma City and Tulsa will have the same number of daily American flights to Dallas, but the airline has replaced one 70-seat American Eagle regional jet with a 129-seat mainline American Airlines MD80 aircraft in each city.

While the nationwide expansion will be phased in over the next five months, the Oklahoma upgrades went into effect Feb. 1.

"We certainly know travelers love to see the larger aircraft," said Karen Carney, Will Rogers World Airport spokeswoman.

"Even though that particular flight has only been in place for a week, it has been pretty full most of the time. That addition has helped spread out some of the heavy loads in the morning traffic."

The overall expansion is expected to raise American and American Eagle's daily departures in Dallas to a combined record high of 839 departures per day, the airline said.

"The decisions were made based on matching the size of our aircraft with the customer demands in each market," American spokesman Tim Wagner said.

"As the customer demand in a market grows, we can meet those demands with a variety of aircraft."

After the expansion, Will Rogers now has six daily American mainline flights to Dallas and three flights on American Eagle.

Tulsa International Airport now has five daily American mainline flights and six regional jet flights to the Dallas hub.

"Certainly Dallas has always been one of the top destination cities for Oklahoma City," Carney said.

"While Delta was able to put its efforts into other cities, there was still a segment of Oklahoma City travelers that had a demand to and from Dallas that needed to be fulfilled.

"We're very happy that American is looking to step in and fill that gap. Hopefully, if demand continues to be high, American may continue to upgrade other aircraft."

02-09-2005, 12:33 AM
It's always good to hear about more flights leavig our city, and especially more large jets leaving our city. I'm glad to hear that demand is up! I think our city is getting closer to reaching hub status. Seems like mranderson, in his other post, is pretty certain that we'll get a hub in the next 18 months. If he's right, we all owe him lunch!

02-09-2005, 05:27 AM
We need more large jet service and less of these uncomfortable puddle jumper jets that I feel like my knee is up my nose when I fly them.

Although I do not like American or Dallas, I DO applaud them for bringing large jets back.

If we all fly America West when flying west, maybe the hub will happen. Not a sure thing yet. They have to apply for hub status with the FAA first. Profit margin is the key.