View Full Version : Bricktown Zio's sets profit record

08-09-2004, 07:20 PM
I thought this was really cool. With all of the events going on this past weekend downtown, i.e., Bullnanza at Ford Center, OKC Yard Dawgz playoff game at Cox Center, and the Redhawks games, Bricktown had one of its best days ever. Business was booming. Zio's alone brought in more profits than ever before at its Bricktown restaurant. It was also good to hear that a good chunk of those people in Bricktown were from out-of-town. That definitely says something about the success of Bricktown. I'm thinking they said they made $60,000 on Saturday alone, but that figure might not be right on.
Here's the story:

Business booms at Bricktown

By Amy Lester

The following is a script from a News9 broadcast

This weekend turned out to be a cash cow for businesses in Bricktown.

Crowds flocked to the Ford Center for Bullnanza and many families checked out the last Yard Dawgz game downtown. As our Amy Lester found out, so many dined in Bricktown that they set a record.

You'll find nothing but smiles out here in Bricktown at most of the restaurants. But managers at one restaurant in particular are smiling a little bigger than all the rest.

With hundreds of people to seat and so many meals to prepare, Zio's in Bricktown set a record on Saturday for the most sales since the restaurant opened four years ago.

Out-of-towners helped boost business in Bricktown as much as 35-percent over the weekend. This family from around Tulsa enjoys their vacation here.

The restaurants, big time weekend events and water attractions make this a likely spot to find tourists.

Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the reason, the crowds show up and the dollars keep rolling in.

The Bricktown Association expects business to keep growing. A new restaurant will open this week, and a few more could be announced as coming soon within the next month. The Bricktown Association also credits Bass Pro for an overall ten percent increase in restaurant business.