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06-21-2009, 05:24 PM
Does anyone know if a Removable Pool Fence such as the ones below will pass OKC city limits inspections for a 4' fence/barrier?

I've tried to find out but can't seem to reach anyone.

I'm in Edmond zip code but have OKC utilities and inspections.

Thanks in advance.

Pool Fences by Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Systems Mesh Removable Pool Fencing (

Begin Installing Pool Fencing With Guardian Pool Fence Systems' Swimming Pool Fence Experts (

Swimming Pool Fences by Safety Guard in South Florida and Georiga. Safety Guard Fence is South Florida's Leading Provider for Self Latching Pool Fencing and a Safer Swimming Environment (

This is what I read on one site:

Will a Removable Swimming Pool Fence satisfy regulatory agency requirements?

Each All-Safe Removable Pool Fence is designed and manufactured to the strictest safety guidelines. Specific safety barriers can be required by certain government an/or social agencies. If you plan to adopt a child, open a day care center or become a foster parent, you should contact the agency you are working with. They will be able to tell you which barrier and specifications will be in compliance. Your local building department can determine what type of barriers will fulfill requirements for new construction. Unfortunately, All-Safe can make no predetermination as to the suitability of its barriers for purposes of satisfying any specific jurisdiction.