View Full Version : Donations needed

02-17-2009, 04:12 PM
You all have been helpful in the past so I thought I would ask!

Every year, my yearboo staff puts on a spaghetti supper--bread, pasta, salad, and drinks. The cost is reasonable and it's fun!

I'm starting early looking for donations. Last year we ended buying the pasta and it cut our profit in half. Whoever provides the pasta will receive lots of free advertising in our parent letter, the school newspaper, the school website, and I could probably swing putting the info in a larger local publication.

We will provide salad and all the serveware. Brown's has done the bread in the past. I'm looking for pasta and two sauces, and possibly desserts. I'm pretty open on this!

We use the proceeds to help lower the cost of the yearbook for our large low income population. We have never ended the year in the black--it's our big goal for the year!

Please PM me here if you have any suggestions or would like more info. Thanks!