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02-16-2009, 01:54 PM
Okay I know not that romatic, but we took our two little kids our girl age 4 and our boy age 2. well we arrived at the restaurant for lunch, we decided to order on the menu and with a salad bar, it has been awhile since i went a western sizzling so i didnt really know what good to get i got the sirlion. well moving on as we where sitting down the staff was passing by us speaking really loudly telling us happy valentines, and they really got excited with it with our kids telling them (thanking for join us on valentines day wow what a treat) so my kids got all excited and was saying it back to the staff. Our waiter was top notch, he acted like we where the most important people in the world and that our kids where the best in the world, which actually made the kids act really good the whole time. The food was great, a good selection to choose from adult friendly and kid friendly. One of the lady waitresses came by our table and made my little boy blush when she said oh look heres my valentine, and she was giving him little tickles. needles to say Western sizzling made our valentines day especially our little ones really special, my wife and i will probably be taking our kids there now knowing the waitstaff seems to enjoy children at there establishment

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02-17-2009, 06:32 PM
We don't go there very often but they really do have nice waitstaff there and it's definitely a great value...I normally load up on 3 lbs of the Der Dutchman style hushpuppies

It's not quite on par with Furr's but it's definitely easier on the wallet