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11-14-2008, 02:09 PM
What would make the ultimate sandwich shop? everything from theme to variable sandwiches.....Im hoping to open one in less than a year....It will be a family owned business and wont have all the franchise restrictions that ultimately aggravate the customer.....what are your thoughts?

Here is some basics I have already......

Hot and cold sandwiches...toasted if desired! and served with choice of potato salad, cole slaw(family recipe), homemade baked beans, chips,
big screen TV.....comfortable lobby....not plastic stiff chairs or booths.
Free refills (do-it-yourself)......all you can eat salad bar.
5 homemade soups....5 homemade desserts (very good)...for the most part we will offer healthy options but will have eye candy as well.

My favorite sandwiches should be The Pastrami and the Turkey Club.

Thats as far as I am at so far.....just want your thoughts on what will make this place the ultimate experience.....prices will be fair!