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08-21-2008, 02:29 AM
OK guys, I know we've had some great news today. But, there is MORE great news, can it get any better?????

It was just announced just now on the Seattle news - for the Schultz trial, Judge Peckman ruled that the NBA CAN intervene in the case and she denied Schultz's request to split the trial.

This is a HUGE victory for Bennett!

The NBA want's in on this because they have contractural agreements with Schultz that he can NOT sue to overturn the sale without NBA intervention. Schultz wanted to block the NBA because he was trying to say Bennett committed fraud. Peckman disagreed!

Schultz wanted to split the trial mainly - to give Seattle enough time to get KeyArena improvements in place by end of 2009 and THEN hopefully win its case and then the settlement case. That way, the city could get the $30M from Bennett (in addition to the $45M Bennett paid on Tuesday), and then just that fast - the team would probably have to come back to Seattle end of 2009 and KeyArena gets the improvements anyways. In this scenario, Seattle would have won on all fronts, and would have screwed Bennett, the NBA, and OKC all at once - Howard would have been the Hero. Peckman saw right through this, and denied the split. She set the trial for May 2009, which - if it were to be in Schultz's favor (like .01% likely), then it would be BEFORE the 2009 NBA Season, and Bennett would get his money back (and of course, the NBA would manage the team until things would work out).

But like I said, her ruling paints an interesting picture. Sound familiar? Remember in the Seattle case, Seattle made motions and they were denied or overturned. Bennett made motions, most of them sensible - and they were granted. Looks like Schultz has no basis after all! And surely with the NBA now a Defendant, there is NO WAY IN HELL this is going to trial. Im sure Howard will bow out - after a few months, maybe a speach or two - after it's off people's minds. hell disappear and hide, because surely he doesn't have enough cash to go against Bennett AND the NBA, especially with a cookamany 'he didn't keep his promise' claim..

If you were to drive by Renton where Bennett "wanted" to build the arena here, you will agree with me that it wasn't fake and it was for-real. The area, now knwn as 'the Landing' used to be industrial Boeing lands full of parking lots and airliner buildings (I used to work there in offices), today, it's an developing upscale town-center. And I saw where the Arena was to go, it WAS for real.

I suppose Seattle people just aren't used to an OKC type development. OKC developers don't placate and take forever to do developments (see Devon for example and how fast it was approved). At the right time, make the proposal - get it built and everybody wins. sit around whining, and you miss the boat; especially since Bennett only had one year to do so (and with the legislature not extending the session, why should he have done something else).

Besides, the City of Seattle colluded against Bennett all along, because they wanted him to ONLY do KeyArena. Because of this, there was NO WAY Bennett could have EVER had good faith effort from the City/State due to the city's interference.

I hope you agree with me, given these FACTS, and the way Peckman ruled today - that Schultz's case is baseless (just like the Sonics fans'), and if Schultz has half a brain - he will quietly drop his case, tuck his tail between his legs, and worry about saving his company! He could always move to OKC though - I'm sure he would be much more profitable!

08-21-2008, 04:36 AM
Excellent news, and perhaps this will convince Schultz to stop tilting at this particular windmill.

08-21-2008, 06:08 AM
that's what Im thinking Betts.

It's just too much stacked up against him

- bennett's relationship with the city became contentious from day one, with the city acting stuck up and never desiring to meet with Bennett, until it was too late- the city interfered with Bennett's chances of getting an arena built here
- bennett did have a bonafide proposal, I saw the lands - it would ahve been a great anchor for it
- bennett did wait patiently for 16-months prior to announcing he desired arbitration and relocation (even though he was obligated to do so for a year)
- irregardless of the emails, Bennett's ACTIONS support his good-faith effort
- the city and state obviously did not encourage nor demonstrate 'good-faith'
- judge Peckman saw right through Schultz's/Yarnmouth's attempt to buy the city some time and gain the good-graces of city residents (with the attempt to bifrocate); she denied the dog-pony show
- judge Peckman (once again) agreed that the NBA can intervene. I think this basically makes it impossible for the trial to proceed, once - upon motion, the NBA asks to dismiss the case due to Schultz's signed agreement with the NBA.
- - even if Peckman were to deny the motion for summary judgement (above), the NBA will defend Bennett with all of their power, a very long lost cause; and surely Peckman will rule in Bennett's favor anyways, since the above evidence is already stacked against him (and resolve any fraud hopes Schultz is trying to pull).

I say, Wednesday was a WONDERFUL DAY for Oklahoma City, on more than one (Devon) front! If Schultz is smart - he will go away, quietly; and let the NBA dismiss the case. He could still say, he tried. but he needs to focus on HIS company and leave Bennett/OKC alone.