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12-14-2004, 05:11 PM
Dusty Dvoracek was reinstated and allowed a medical hardship under the NCAA. That doesn't mean Stoops will allow him to return though, but he said he'll revisit the situation in the Spring. Dvoracek claims that his alcoholism was a diease. What do you guys think?

Personally, I'd be willing to give him a second chance next season. Any screw-ups though, and he's history!

"NCAA clears Dvoracek to play next season

By George Schroeder
The Oklahoman

NORMAN - Dusty Dvoracek has cleared the NCAA hurdles necessary to play for Oklahoma next year.
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The NCAA’s student-athlete reinstatement committee informed OU and the Big 12 Conference Tuesday it had granted Dvoracek’s appeal for a medical hardship exemption, clearing the way for an extra season of eligibility.

That doesn’t automatically mean Dvoracek will play for OU. In a statement released by OU, coach Bob Stoops said he would wait until the spring semester to revisit the situation.

But Stoops indicated last month he was favorably inclined toward allowing Dvoracek’s return if the extra season was granted. And OU’s sponsorship of Dvoracek’s application and appeal for reinstatement would appear to indicate the school’s position, as well.

Dvoracek, a standout defensive tackle, was dismissed from the team last September amid allegations of violent behavior. But after completing an anger-management and alcohol-related program, he applied for the hardship exemption on the basis of alcohol addiction.

The application to the Big 12’s review committee was denied when the committee of faculty athletic representatives deadlocked, 6-6. At OU’s request, the Big 12 submitted the appeal to the NCAA.

Jennifer Kearns, the NCAA’s associate director of public and media relations, said the NCAA determined Dvoracek met the criteria for reinstatement under rule 14.2.4, which provides for a hardship waiver if an athlete is unable to participate in most of a season as a result of an incapacitating injury or illness.

“He was able to submit medical documentation from a medical doctor indicating he wasn’t able to participate,” Kearns said.

OU officials and Dvoracek were informed Tuesday morning of the decision.

Dvoracek, who was a captain and a preseason All-America candidate at defensive tackle, was a senior this season. His career was derailed after his alleged involvement in an incident that landed a longtime friend in the hospital with a head injury.

Sources said Dvoracek and Matt Wilde, 21, Dvoracek’s former high school teammate, had been drinking, then argued. Stories on what happened next conflicted, but Wilde spent several days in Norman Regional Hospital, the first few in intensive care.

Other allegations of drinking and violence soon surfaced. Stoops dismissed Dvoracek from the team on Sept. 17.

Dvoracek, an honor-roll student who is on track to graduate in May, continued to attend classes. And three nights a week, three hours a session, he was counseled by former OU standout Jim Riley, a former alcohol and drug addict who now heads Jim Riley Outreach. "

12-14-2004, 06:44 PM
Give the kid a short leash and a second chance. He's a good student who I think really had a problem. He's apparently handled it in the best way possible. I'd also ask him to swear that he won't touch alcohol as he obviously has problems with it.

I trust that Bob will make the right decision. Whatever that is, I'll support it.

12-14-2004, 07:01 PM
Ok, I think I am about to make history, because I am actually in agreement with MidTowner for a change :biggrin: . I also agree, now, that Dusty does deserve a second chance. Before, I didn't think he should get a second chance. Now that I have seen where he has gone through all the counselling that he has gone through, then he should get a second chance.

Since he is an honor roll student, then maybe he will set his sites straight and behave accordingly. I will say this, more incident and he should be dismissed, permanently. I know that Stoops will make the right decision, he always has so far.

12-14-2004, 10:58 PM
Unfortunately, some people are very intelligent and caring, yet, when they get alcohol in their system, they fly out of control. Alcoholism is a very serious that most people now consider to be a disease.

Obviously Dusty has had time to think about what he did and learn from his mistakes. His mistakes have already tarnished him in the eyes of the NFL. But, maybe his recovery, if he's able to stick with it, will prove that he's capable of being the bright person he really is.

I like what Midtowner said: "Give the kid a short leash and a second chance."