View Full Version : 20+ People fired at ATT today more tomorrow.

05-30-2008, 04:49 PM
Does anyone care to expose large companies who cherry pick employees to fire for actions that everyone does?

05-30-2008, 07:40 PM
There's a high brow defense!! :dizzy:

I guess it could work. After all, if everyone else ignored the rules, why should the senior employees act any better? If the behavior was an accepted, tolerated practice and the company cherry picked based on age (a protected class), they'd probably have a case under federal law. They wouldn't be attractive plaintiffs but there you go.

I always get a kick how people conducting themselves in a morally gray manner expect to be treated in a snowy white way.

Look, I don't know what happened. People tend to jump on the bandwagon and wave their hands around when these things happen. To say they were all breaking the rules and they were picked on for some other reason just SOUNDS convenient (and diverts attention from their own culpability). It also sounds typical of someone getting caught. I guess if everyone is doing it, that makes it okay. Yes? No? I think they addressed this moral issue in kindergarden (frequently accompanied with stuff about friends and jumping off clifts). If this is the defense being raised by the former employees, perhaps ATT ought to just clean house with the rest of the employees so they can't be accused of being merciful to some and not others.

But this is all premature to really speculate.