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05-28-2008, 07:59 AM
As a lifelong Yankee fan and fan of Mickey, I think the prospects of a museum for the Mick in OKC are so exciting. It makes me want to giggle like a girl and get misty at the thought of remembering my childhood hero all at the same time. Growing up in Oklahoma in the early 60's, we all wanted to be Mickey Mantle when we played pick-up games of baseball. Anyone else have any thoughts or feelings about a museum for Mickey in OKC?

05-28-2008, 08:21 AM
Well, Louisville has The Muhammad Ali Center, but I think Muhammad Ali had a greater impact on his respective sport and the times than Mickey. Although I haven't been, the Oklahoma Sports Museum, located in Guthrie, would certainly have a Mickey dedication.

As a huge fan of baseball and Oklahoma athletes, I love Mickey. However, if I had to name an athlete who symbolizes Oklahoma the way Ali does Louisville, I would have to go with Jim Thorpe.

I'm not against your idea; I just don't know if we're ready for a MM museum.

05-28-2008, 08:24 AM
I think it would be great. It's funny because I had a cab driver in Vegas a few months ago that said he and his wife took an impromptu trip to Oklahoma City. He's a big Mikey Mantle fan and wanted to check out a game here, eat at Mikey Mantle's, and see the statue. I know that's pretty anecdotal, but I'm thinking if someone wants to come mainly for the restaurant memorbilia and the statute, then a few more may be interested in an actual museum, especially if it's done right.

I'm not sure if it'd be possible, but putting it right above the restaurant in the JDM Place would be a natural, imo.

And for those who didn't see the article, Tramel wrote a column on this:

City is perfect place to build Mantle museum | (

sgt. pepper
05-28-2008, 08:50 AM
i thought Mantle was from OKC? Maybe it's yankie Bobby Mercer from OKC. i have to admitt, i'm not much of a baseball fan, but would like to see a museum here about Mantle.i think it would be cool and fitting. Where is Mantle from? And why is Tulsa even in the running? This would be just another reason to stop in Oklahoma City.

05-28-2008, 09:52 AM
duplicate thread, there is one in Bricktown thread

05-28-2008, 10:04 AM
duplicate thread, there is one in Bricktown thread

Man, I knew this was coming! I was just waiting for it.

Metro, the posts are two minutes apart. It's not like SOONER8693 was trying to duplicate the thread. It's just that he was typing up a post, probably as you were submitting yours.

I like and respect you as a poster, but you seem to get worked up over "duplicate threads" mostly when you're the author of one of them. Where were you when there were two threads about the OKC schools in the top nation's 1,300? I started the thread about this topic and a few hours later another was created. For some reason, folks, including me, contributed to that one instead of the one I started. I didn't care, so long as people are talking about the happenings in OKC.

What about all of the Tinker/GM threads? I first posted the Tinker/GM topic in June of last year, yet many other threads dealing with the same topic have spawned since then. I never once saw you bring up the "duplicate threads" response when I authored the Tinker/GM thread.

I'm sure SOONER wasn't trying to duplicate the threads. And while I'm not taking away any of your contributions, you were simply copy/pasting a story while he was actually discussing the topic.

Duplicate threads are going to happen from time to time, despite 24/7 policing by some users. Instead of getting worked up over threads with similar topics, we should all be stoked that we have so much to talk about and a great forum in which to express our thoughts of OKC happenings. Please, lighten up on the "duplicate threads" issue.

05-28-2008, 02:32 PM
Yeah, this thread has more action anyway. And this thing may not even be built in Oklahoma City, let alone Bricktown, so it probably deserves the broader treatment.

05-28-2008, 03:27 PM
Mantle was from Commerce, OK but it does make sense to have it in OKC with the ballpark and all.

I don't think Bricktown is a shoo-in with all the other possible places in town. The so-called "Adventure District" where the Softball Hall of Fame, Firefighters Museum, etc. might be a thought.

And I agree with with AFCM about people too worried about duplicate threads. I'm just glad to have fresh posts . . .

05-28-2008, 03:36 PM
Yeah metro's thread has no replies, so let it die.

The Tramel column says the family attempted to build a $10+ million museum in Commerce and it fell through. They think a bigger city will give the museum more presence. But Mantle's widow wants it in Oklahoma.

sgt. pepper
05-28-2008, 03:52 PM
They (the family) must have an architect and a plan all ready. Yes, this would be another fine jewel in our city if we don't lose it to Tulsa.

05-28-2008, 10:01 PM
mickey did party here a lot.

08-09-2008, 03:30 PM
Mickey Mantle wasn't Oklahoma's ONLY great ball player. If you are going to dedicate a building why Not include Murcer, Bench, and Hubbell...Did you forget haow good of ball players these guys were? We (Okla) have numerous major athletes that need recognition...Not just the Heisman winners...Why not dedicate a complete are for Athletic Achievers?....

08-09-2008, 04:03 PM
because mantle's family is paying for this not taxpayers

08-10-2008, 04:34 PM
because mantle's family is paying for this not taxpayers

Not only that, but Mantle is one of the GREATEST players of all time. He absolutely deserves his own museum. He's arguably one of the top 5-8 players in history.

Hope this thing gets built here.