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05-20-2008, 12:01 PM
This kind of sort of reminds me of the Late 20s..dunno why

Wall Street Burger Joint Dishes Out $175 Burger
Topped With Foie Gras, Exotic Mushrooms, Golden Truffle Mayonnaise
NEW YORK (CBS) ― The list of exotic and outrageously expensive menu items found in New York City has grown by one, with the addition of the $175 burger found in lower Manhattan.

So much for talk of a recession.

The burger can be enjoyed at the Wall Street Burger Shoppe on Water Street between Broad Street and Coenties Slip.

Kevin O'Connell, the restaurant's co-owner and chef, told he came up with the idea when a friend suggested he create a luxurious version of the American classic.

"He kind of challenged me and it was a question of how do you make a burger that was worth that kind of money," he said. "It actually turned out to be a really awesome thing to eat."

The burger is made with Kobe beef and topped with seared fresh foie gras, an assortment of exotic mushrooms, shaved black truffle, and golden truffle mayonnaise another of his creations made from chopped black truffles, truffle oil, and gold flakes.

O'Connell said the item has gone over well for those who dare dish out the dough to try it.

"It's been a few here and there, but clearly I'm seeing the writing on the wall," he said. "Everyone seems to be pleasantly surprised that although this would appear to be a publicity stunt, it's really just an amazing thing to eat. It's clearly taken on a life of its own. I'm extremely proud of how it turned out."

Still, O'Connell stands by what he says is really the restaurant's staple: its $4 char-grilled "shoppe burger."

Other expensive menu items found in or just outside of New York City include Nino Selimaj's $1,000 pizza; the Westin's $1,000 bagel; Serendipity 3's $25,000 sundae; Old Homestead Steak House's $81 burger; and Chappaqua's $55 bottle of water.

Wall Street Burger Shoppe opened on Feb. 29. The $175 burger can be purchased any time after 4 p.m. from the restaurant's upstairs bar menu.

05-21-2008, 09:41 PM
You know, I'd like to think I have enjoyed some of the finer things in life... but taking a perfectly good burger and ruining it by slathering on seared duck liver, fungus, and glorified dirt just doesn't sound that appetizing to me.