View Full Version : What the heck is this builiding?

Doug Loudenback
04-09-2008, 10:03 AM
That's what I wondered from September 2005 when writing this brief article ( in my regular, non-blog "vintage" web pages about the "skeleton" building once located at the southeast corner of Park Avenue & Hudson:

If you've looked at the "Famous Kiltie Band" postcard ...

... you may have noticed that a nice looking building, which looks nothing like a "skeleton" building, is to the west and south of the band, at the stated intersection.

Until doing some follow-up research late last night on the query I had in September 2005, I didn't know. Anyway, the mystery is now solved!

Before looking at the answer at Doug Dawgz Blog: The Gladish Building -- What? ( , you might make your own "best guesses," should you want to.

Anyway, a question which has been lurking in the back of my mind since September 2005 may now be put to rest!

04-09-2008, 10:24 AM
i actually tried to look this up around a year ago and got as far as 'parking garage'... glad you solved your mystery!