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03-21-2008, 01:48 PM
I am seeking recommendations and contact information for companies in the OKC metro area in the various fields listed below.

If you have a favorite vendor in one or more of these fields, please share, either here or private message, as you prefer.

Please don't turn this thread into an "Anyone except a lousy dirtbag XYZ Inc. over at 123 Anystreet in Yourtown"

the fields I'm looking to make new contacts in include:

establishing new service to property without service
extending existing service to a new addition to a property with service.

Plumbing (sewage and water)
establishing new service to property without service
extending existing service to a new addition to a property with service.

Chain link and stockade fencing

Steps, Decks, Ramps
Onsite construction and installation of very small (under 200 sf) to small (201-500 sf) projects

Crane Services
Preferably a company that accepts a range of job sizes, with a focus more to the small. Companies specializing in buildings like the new Devon building would be way beyond the scope of my needs.

Floor covering supplies and installation
ideally someone well versed in a variety of options, including carpet, wood, roll goods and tile

Concrete Services
Site Prep
Setting piers and pouring foundations
Curb cuts & entryways

Thanks in advance. I've come to respect many on this forum and look forward to any recommendations you care to share.

03-24-2008, 03:01 PM
This thread got buried ...

I'm actually interested in Residential Carpet Installer Recommendations.

Anyone have someone they recommend?

Networking is the best way to get quality work completed. I hesitate to use anyone that doesn't come recommended, you never know if they will start the job, take your money and run or ???

Please offer up some names of companies you would use again.

Kevinpate, if you are in need of a wonderful Commercial company installing T-Bar/Grid office ceilings, metal stud framing & drywall or renovations... I know someone who does impeccable work (shameless plug! lol).

PM me if interested.

03-30-2008, 03:15 PM
I'm also in need of some contractor work - a couple of small jobs, but necessary.

We had a new bathtub put in a few months ago. The plumber had to tear out the wall surrounding the old tub due to a leak. The tub is in - now we need a wall and tiling or some sort of surrounding for the tub. Two guys have come out and bid fair prices, but they want to work without a contract and for cash. (One even made the statement that he didn't want to report his earnings to the "govmint"! When I told him where I worked, he dang near ran out of the house!)

We also need some minor electrical work done - the light in the bathroom needs replacing as does a ceiling fixture in dining area. The bathtub, however, is the most urgent. My S.O. has been in hospital for a month and goes to rehab tomorrow. When he comes home in a few weeks, he'll need a tub to bathe in (with shower stool) vs the little shower stall in other bathroom.

Please PM me if you know a legit, honest contractor - thanks in advance!

03-30-2008, 06:28 PM
Lauri - I want to recommend Bill Maestes 388-9690. He in an individual contractor that does good and honest work and he is mutli-talented. Plus a bonus is he is very enjoyable to be around. He is not so good on electrical wiring but he has replaced several fixtures for me. Also, it sometimes takes a while to get him there when he's already on a job so better to allow some time. Good luck.

07-28-2008, 02:32 PM
Pool service & maintance, backyard remolding & design, outdoor kitchens, fencing, concrete pours...
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