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Redskin 70
02-26-2008, 09:39 PM
DJ Roofing and Construction out of Choctaw. Great job, very reasonable price excellent customer service and great clean up.
Had to do my two story as a result of old age and ice damage. Over ten square and double layer.
They stripped it down to the deck, replace the drip molding and all new turbine vents.
The crew assigned were very friendly
I have never hired out a roof job in my life. This was the first as I am a very picky DIYer and pretty dang handy with the hammer.
Time constraints from work absolutely prevented me doing this job for my self.
They started on Thursday and finished on Saturday afternoon including the haul off.
The best part of this,, watching those fellas coming up and down the ladders. At the end of the job, my back was still fine, my knees didn't hurt and I had not bashed my thumb.:dizzy:
Consider them if ya can.:tiphat: