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01-25-2008, 01:55 PM
In case anyone's interested. This is something I do monthly just for fun. I choose the Monday around the 15th (or the 15th itself) so any changes airlines make are reflected for that month and Mondays are the busiest days typically.

Daily departures from OKC by airline (as of Feb. 18th):

-American 7; M80; DFW
-American Eagle 5; ER4, CR7; DFW (1), ORD (4)
-American Connection (Trans States) 2; ER4; STL
-Continental 2; 735; IAH
-Continental Express (Expressjet) 8; ER4, ER4X; IAH (7), EWR (1)
-Continental Express (Chautauqua) 2; ER4; CLE
-Delta Conn (ASA) 6; CR1, CR7; ATL
-Delta Conn (Comair) 3; CR1, CR2; CVG
-Delta Conn (Expressjet) 2; ER4; SLC
-Expressjet 7; ER4, ER4X; SAN(2), ONT(1), SMF(1), ABQ(1), SAT(1), AUS(1)
-Frontier Jet Express (Lynx) 4; DHQ4; DEN
-Northwest Jetlink (Pinnacle) 6; CR2; MEM (3), MSP (1), DTW (2)
-Northwest Jetlink (Compass) 1; E175; MSP
-Southwest 22; 733, 735, 73G; BWI (1), DAL (5), DEN (2), HOU (4), MCI (4), LAS (1), PHX (3), STL (2)
-United 3; 735, 733; DEN
-United Express (Go Jet) 2; CR7; DEN (1), IAD (1)
-United Express (Skywest) 5; CR2, CR7; DEN (1), LAX (2), ORD (2)
-United Express (Trans States) 2; ER4; ORD
-United Express (Mesa) 1; ER4; ORD
-US Airways Express (Mesa) 2; CR7, CR9; PHX

Total: 92 daily departures

Of interesting note is the elimination of all mainline service to ATL, an E175 to MSP by Compass, and of course the return of the turboprops-Frontier's Lynx subisdiary with four Q400s. These are actually pretty powerful turboprops though, comparable to jets speed-wise.

01-25-2008, 07:59 PM
May want to look at:

You'll notice there are many changes coming in for the spring schedule changes that wouldn't show up in Feb.

01-27-2008, 06:42 PM
^I know, I wasn't looking to post Spring changes though, just a daily departure count by airline. I did see your Spring schedules changes topic though.