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01-04-2008, 09:08 AM
Dinner in the Deuce
January 11 - February 23, 2008
Opening reception Friday, January 11, 5-8pm

Urban Contemporary, mixed media installation
Jesús Moroles

Art meets function at the upcoming exhibition Dinner in the Deuce at Untitled ArtSpace. Referencing the historic Deep Deuce neighborhood where the gallery is located, this unique exhibition experience includes over a dozen themed dinner tables created by artists from Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. The exhibit showcases how practical objects can be viewed as artistic sculpture. The artists handcrafted everything from the silverware to the chairs to the tablecloths and their work blends the ingenuity and design that can be brought to everyday life.

Each of the tables has a separate theme and group of artists who brought their individual talents to their unique table. Their approaches to the simple concept of a table, chairs, plates, and utensils are a diverse combination of cultures and materials. The “Farmer’s Table,” for example, develops the idea of sustainability through the technique of “Himitsu-Bako,” a traditional Japanese puzzle box. The tables and chairs are made from reclaimed or recycled materials and the table runners and linens are woven from natural fibers. Another table, “Nights in White Satin,” is named after the famous Moody Blues song and has a swirled glass mosaic table illuminated by an LED light. “Modern Romantic” updates the idea of a picnic in the forest and incorporates natural elements like wood, clay, and water. Other tables include “Poised al Fresco,” which simulates dining underneath an Oklahoma Panhandle night sky, “Samurai Gothic,” which has the table hovering over a simulated koi pond, and “Drum Stick Dinette,” which is a cross between a drum kit and Russian nesting eggs.

The tables range from the elaborate to the delicate and reflect the different ways people share a meal. By bringing together a variety of artists to a single project, viewers can see how various artistic forms interact and how each artistic technique contributes to a cohesive setting. Dinner in the Deuce opens on January 11 and runs through February 23.

Artists: Jane Ford Aebersold, Nicki Albright, Kelly Gale Amen, Paul Bagley, Rick & Tracey Bewley, Elyse Bogart, Barbara Broadwell, Rick Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Rachel Carpenter, Stan Carroll, Bernie Colbert, Kjelshus Collins, Elisa Cossey, Denise Duong, Brian Fitzsimmons, Birthe Flexner, Kyle Golding, Margareta Grill, Suzette Hatfield, Sarah Hearn, Michael Hoffner, Brett Johnson, Brooke Madden, Randy Marks, Mike Mays, Ann McDermott, Andrea McMillan, Hugh Meade, Suzanne Mears, Jan Meng, Eddie Meyers, Jesús Moroles, Don Narcomey, V'Lou Oliveira, Larry Pickering, Kim Renteria, Kathy Reynolds, Klint Schor, Matt Seikel, Gayle Singer, Joe Slack, Sue Moss Sullivan, Cindy Swanson, Malia Tate, Gus Tietsort, Paul Vines, David Wanzer, Charleen Weidell, Jill Rumoshosky Werner, George Wilson, and Elia Woods.

01-07-2008, 09:31 PM
I can't help it. I have to say it. Dinner in the Deuce sounds like a disturbing internet video.