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12-19-2007, 10:56 AM
I was out enjoying a nice holiday shopping day and I just had to make the mistake of going into Gordmans.. I don't know why. I always say I'll never go back and then I do.. not again though.

I know it's a busy time of the year but I'm so tired of snippy, snotty sales clerks who hate their job. I used to work in retail and there were days when I would go home nearly crying because of rude customers but in 13 years I can count on one hand where I was at my breaking point and was downright rude to customers - it was very rare and only after they just pushed me to the limit.

Today, I brought up some 'sale' merchadise to the counter (which I had incidentally spent a good 30 minutes deciding and choosing things to match a Cardinal Christmas display set for my mom - she loves red) ... anyway...huge red signs under, in front of and above 33% off!

Okay, I like a bargain as much as anyone so I added a few things that I knew she would like.. all red cardinals on the same shelf.

I get to the counter, prices ring up regular with no discount. One item did but the rest were reg price... I asked the clerk, she says 'if it's on sale, it will auto ring up' and I said ' no, that's not always true, sometimes the prices don't get into the computer'.

She yells across to the Customer Service kiosk to the manager and the manager yells back, 'no those aren't on Sale'.

So, I said, 'nevermind, take them off' .. so the manager walks behind me as I was leaving and I say to her' Excuse me but the signs all say 33% off and these items were all in the same area on the same shelf surrounded by the same signs' .. and she says, ' Well, they're not on sale. I wasn't here yesterday and someone obviously put the wrong merchadise on the shelf.'

Now, I'm amazed, because having worked in retail the right thing would have been to say, ' I'll go confirm the signs and give you a discount since it was our mistake... ( these were all under $$5 -10.00 items... ) But, no, she says
'they're in the wrong place!

I say to her ' well, maybe someone should either move them or the signs.. and she replies (and this is the manager) in a bitchy, snippy, rude, rude, rude tone, ' thanks for the suggestion, that's exactly what I'm doing -thanks for bringing it to my attention!'


It wasn't that big of a deal, but it's just so apparent they don't care about customer service if the management can't even placate a customer.. and I wasn't the least bit rude ( trust me, I can be very, very rude.. and I know I was nowhere near being impolite. If I was in the 'mood' I would have gotten those items on Sale, and her name - which would be passed onto to upper management ... but I said forget it.. wasn't worth it.

I was planning on shopping a bit more, but I lost my Christmas spirit and decided to come home....this is exactly why I prefer shopping online.

So Goodbye Gordmans... I've had the last of my crappy experiences with you.

12-19-2007, 11:19 AM
I've never been to a Gordmans, but last night I went to a Kohls store. First, let me tell you I HATE shopping so passionately that after being there for about 30 seconds I was ready to bolt and thank god my friend was there and did my shopping for me while I just followed him around. Same story though, no one to help you with questions, when you do find someone they are a moron. I really think I'm done with these discount stores. I will gladly pay 10 times as much to be able to GET HELP (which I always need when I shop LOL). The last Nine West I went into in Texas was so great, a guy greeted me at the door, I told him what I wanted and basically sat down and he brought me what I asked for and then some. I don't like fending for myself in the big world of retail. I also hate digging and searching. There was a grocery store in Austin in one of the upscale neighborhoods I went to, always employees in almost every isle and I'd just give him my list and we'd walk around together while he helped my find everything. It was so great :) and well worth the extra money.

12-21-2007, 03:15 PM
Gordman's is a dump.