View Full Version : Reasons to be careful with expressions

12-02-2004, 10:22 AM
1. Man: Excuse me madam, are you a Christian?

Woman: Why, yes I am.

Man: (Cites passages from the Bible)

Woman: Excuse me, sir. Why are you reading me the Bible?

Man: You said you were a Christian.

Woman: Yes. That is correct. My name is Elaine Christian.

2. A masculine looking woman sees another woman

Woman one: Excuse me. Are you Gay?

Woman two: Yes, I am.

Woman one: (tries to hold her hand) Good. I find you quite attractive.

Woman two: LOOK! I do not know what you think, however, I am NOT a
a lesbian. My name is Gay Thomas!

3. Very attrative woman is waiting for a friend at an airport.

Attractive woman: Anita Mann! Anita Mann!

A dozen guys run over to her thinking they will get lucky.

4. A person is meeting a friend in a shopping mall.

That person: Anita Coffin! Anita Coffin!

Strange guy: That can be arrainged!

you hear shots from an AK-47.

Moral is... be careful. Your expression may not be to the other peson as it is to you.