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Jack Wonder
09-18-2007, 04:08 PM

What a WAIST of a prime opportunity to join in all of the expansion/growth/development/local economy of the soon-to-be-connected towns of Yukon & Mustang!?!

I drove over to the new 8-screen theater on opening night because word of mouth told me that Popcorn/Consessions were 50 cents. My fiance & I drove down about 9pm and finally found ourselves at the parking lot amidst all kinds of confusing and NON-lit construction.

Right out of the gates I had a bad feeling. Truth be told, you can tell where they went with this place from the road....Actually, you can't, seeing as how the Marque Sign is TOO SMALL to read from I-40?!? That was the first blunder of many to come.

Next is the name. The actual title of the theater (and I'm not exaggerating, although I wish I were!) is "Dickinson West End Pointe 8 Theatres"....WHAAAAAAA?>!>!?!

So they've got no sign, a HORRIBE (and horribly) long name, and no appropriate lighting in the parking lot.

Moving on...

This was the second weekend for Fantastic Four 2 & Ratitoue(sp?, I know). They were the PRIME movies. And here was the slate as we approached the doors:

-Knocked Up
-Spiderman 3
-Nancy Drew
...and four more movies that had been out a while and/or bombed at the BoxOffice.

In case I wasn't clear enough, they DIDN'T have the #1 OR #2 movie of the previous weekend, but they DID have 8 week old Spiderman, which was a huge disappointment anyway!!?


So we walked inside even though there wasn't a single movie I wanted to see. Out of curiosity, as if I didn't need another reason, I still had to be sure that I would NEVER set foot in this theater again!

Don't worry, I wasn't disappointed! (Or should I say, I was??)

Inside the lobby, there was a really nice opaque mural of famous cinematic faces......and that is the extent of anything positive I have to say.

The tile floors looked straight out of Wal-Mart, the wall panels looked plastic, and lighting failed to compliment anything or anyone, the place looked ravaged by teenagers and penny-pinchers....and just to add insult to injury, the consession stand looked like a Russian grocery store.

I thought to myself, "Wow, they must have saved a FORTUNE!"

Too bad that'll cost them my business forever, and who's knows how many other theater snobs???

You know, I thought Yukon (Mustang?) had finally decided to take itself seriously as a major metro suburb, but this is Exibit A in Shaudy Business Ventures 101!

....Potential Businessmen/women, I hope you're taking notice. Because I know I am.

09-22-2007, 06:57 AM

I completely agree. I feel like Yukon has been ripped off with that theater. It's tiny, looks like crap, no sign, and basically looks cheap. When i first saw it being built i was very impressed. I thought this was going to be a nice place to come instead of going to AMC24 or Harkins, but wow was i disappointed. They really need to go back and think about what they did here and correct it.