View Full Version : Capitol Hill Business Closes

07-22-2007, 03:03 PM
Hunter Funeral Home at 24th and Harvey, renamed
Advantage Funeral Service around 2005, has closed
it's doors. Most windows were boarded up.
This funeral home opened in 1950 and had
operated continuously since that time. It acquired Capitol
Hill funeral home in 1999. The property is still owned
by SCI in Houston, TX.
The funeral home had a 300K remodeling in 1989.
This is very important in the context that it is yet one
more business in Capitol Hill that has closed it's doors
in recent years.
Apparently the signage has been removed and will be
relocated to Advantage's new facility where it will
be taking over Paylor Funeral home in Midwest City,
which has held that name since 1952....