View Full Version : Great photos from okctvnewsguy

07-19-2007, 10:23 AM
Just uploaded into our gallery, but they are so good I wanted to make sure everyone saw them:

07-19-2007, 12:03 PM
Absolutely remarkable and inspirational!

I love all of the photos and I think that all of you capturing the allure of Oklahoma City have done a hugely wondrous job in securing the historical references for our State.

Although you may not be aware, everything that we have and everything that we treasure from the past, the present and most certainly our future can only remain in our hearts and on film.

Captured forever for all of the generations to come. That is such a generous and honorable event.

Visitors to OKCTALK should become deeply impressed with the massive construction and renovations that are happening right before their very eyes. And all that we see and all that we may miss in our everyday hustle and bustle, we can take the opportunity to view in techno display right here!

PLEASE make the efforts to upload your photos to every site that you are able to reach.

These photos are rich with history and with pride and it is quite evident that they have been captured with the pride, respect, beauty and dignity that we, ourselves, undertake each and every day.

When they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then that sure holds true for these magnificent photographs.

We take pride in your works, your efforts and accomplishments.

They take my breath away! Such beauty to behold. Absolutely inspirational!

We have some real talent, from all of you, on here, to provide the entire world with your masterpieces. For others, than ourselves, to be able to view and enjoy the true beauty and growth in prosperity for our beloved Oklahoma.

For those that hold our Oklahoma within their hearts and can take a magical tour through wonderland and view the land of their hearts just with a click of a computer is a dream come true for many that no longer are able to dwell here.

For those that are children of teachers and man, to be able to utilize your photos to display for school and recreational purposes, and so that they can take pride within their hearts regarding their state.

We are able to view, thankfully, with the aid of the computer, the many wonders of the world and we set our future visions on that of which we do view, and you do the children, of our state, as well as everyone in the world, a great service when they are able to view their Oklahoma City as well as their Oklahoma as a bright and shiny state which encompasses their dreams and their futures.

It is my belief that the healing process of OKC and Oklahoma can only be accomplished through the visions that we adhere to in what we place on display for the entire world to see.

You have done OKLAHOMA and Oklahoma City PROUD!

Thank you for the generosity in your sharing!