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07-06-2007, 05:15 PM
Whew...the GNL really had some sort of problem when I posted a response to this article, and I must paraphrase here due to the fact it was deleted; "I wonder if 'Langston' has given any consideration to the local businesses in the matter of reimbursing them for the looting and pillaging they, the students of Langston have done in the last five years?" I will point out they did later allow one of my post to be seen after it too was deleted for a short period of time.

For those of you who might not be in the know, Langston University students on a somewhat regular basis have functions and or go into stores late at night in Guthrie and Stillwater and in some cases steal everything in sight or do tremendous amounts of damage otherwise to said establishments.

The usual response across the board is...well nothing...Law enforcement in Logan County is overwhelmed...the stores themselves are scared to death and appear to cower down to the likes of th NAACP, ACLU...etc.

Here is the story:

By Rex Hogan / Guthrie News Leader

State Regents for Higher Education gave Langston University’s most of the $1.8 million that state legislators said the state owes the school.

Legislators had earmarked the appropriation because Langston has not been receiving its fair share of state matching funds that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been giving the school.

Dr. JoAnn Haysbert, LU president, said she was pleased that the Regents did not follow through with a proposal to cut Langston’s earmarked funds down to $600,000, but “I’m not smiling about” the final amount.

Haysbert has maintained that for the last five years, the state has not lived up to its agreement with the U.S.D.A. in terms of matching funds.

The U.S. D.A. gives LU and Oklahoma State University - the two land grant universities in Oklahoma - money to improve agriculture related programs at the schools.

The agreement that U.S. D.A. has with the state is that the state will match the U.S. D.A grants.

Haysbert said Langston’s financial records show that the state has shorted LU over the last five years by $1.8 million.

Regents for Higher Education officials claim that the match is part of Langston’s general appropriation of $20 million.

Haysbert maintains that the U.S. D.A. matching funds should be appropriated outside the state’s general appropriation to the university.

Haysbert said the 17 percent cut in Langston’s earmarked money is the amount of cuts that other regional universities were given.

She said earmarked funds for OSU and the University of Oklahoma was appropriated in full amounts.

Last week, 15 state senators sent the Board of Regents for Higher Education a letter recommending that the board slice earmarked money that the state legislature and governor adopted at the end of the legislative session.

The 2007-08 state appropriation to state universities was $80 million in addition to $30 million in special projects money.

Haysbert also said that Langston has asked for a 6.5 percent increase in its tuition fees.

The increase will include students attending classes at LU’s Tulsa and Oklahoma City campuses.

07-06-2007, 09:54 PM
Marko, don't know what happened, but your thread on GNL is on there now, it's 10:45 pm, and a couple of us has responded. What did you put on that first one they didn't like?

Langston wants economic growth and any city with a college would have it, so why doesn't Langston? (If you have never been to Langston, it's empty, nothing, and Langston College is a big place, the students have to drive into Guthrie to get anything, food, jobs, gas.) One would think an investor would jump at building something, anything there. But in all these years, notta.

Marko is correct about the problem we have had in the past with groups from Langston renting spaces for an event and fights/riots breakout during or after. Not all, but some, and the some make such a big slash, it's all anyone can remember.
One instance, students entered the Loves and destroyed it, unfortunately (I hear) the cameras were working, but no tape in the recorder and by the time police arrived they were over whelmed with not one arrested. The following year, Loves decided to close during Langston Homecoming (or Grad, can't remember which) to prevent same thing from happening again, the University called them racist and called the NAACP, Loves apologised.

In my opinion, with the history of problems business owners have had in the area, that is the reason why Langston is not a boomtown. I don't believe it's a racist issue, plenty of investors are African American, and they are not building either.

07-07-2007, 12:20 AM
Marko, I saw your 1st post. It was pretty much the same as the 2nd and yes, did notice it was gone quickly, then re-appeared. The NAACP should never have been involved. Loves had every right to protect itself without that crap. They had every right to close and do so for any reason they saw fit. They should have the right to refuse service for any reason. Jobs are a different thing all together, service should be voluntary. I would have closed also after what the students proved themselves of and NOT apologized. I do not believe the University itself should have to pay for what the students did, but I do believe they need to step up and have behavior policies for their students. Their should be consequences for their actions. As Okiekatt pointed out, the police couldn't do much as they were overwhelmed, and shame on Loves for not having all their equipment working properly, including inserting a tape.

Honestly, I'm tired of some African Americans crying racism every time they don't get their way! My parents taught me early on that life is not fair and to learn to deal with it and live with it. Work hard and do the best your can. It has nothing to do with the color of skin, it's just life. If life was fair, rappers making what they call music about hoes and killing cops would not be making millions for it, while I and other hard working folk barely get by. That also goes for any million dollar making sports player. (Also any color) Teachers are the ones that should be making millions.