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11-17-2004, 11:41 PM
I'm finally glad to hear that Tulsa is going to get to jump in one the Centennial Fun. In my opinion, they've been left out of all of this, and it really hasn't been fair. I know we've already discussed this though. But, 19 projects out of 160 total projects still isn't a lot. IMHO, Tulsa is getting the shaft. Oh well, the Oil Capitol Centennial Park sounds cool!

"Tulsa's plans for centennial get early start

Larry Levy
The Oklahoman

TULSA - The state's centennial may be three years away, but 19 Tulsa projects worth about $17 million were announced Tuesday on Oklahoma's 97th birthday.
About half the funds -- between $7.5 million and $8.5 million -- will be raised privately "right here in Tulsa," said Howard G. Barnett, Tulsa project co-chairman, along with Paula Marshall-Chapman and Don Walker. The balance of the cost will use public money.

The state will feature 160 projects, and Tulsa will be a leader, said Blake Wade, executive director of the Oklahoma Centennial Commission.

Wade said a year of festivals and events statewide will begin Nov. 16, 2006. The celebration will culminate in a gala on Nov. 16, 2007, in Oklahoma City. A calendar of these events should be available in about six months.

"Tulsa's landscaping is going to change dramatically between now and 2007" as a result of the projects, Mayor Bill LaFortune said.

The proposed projects are a perfect complement to Vision 2025 plans that Tulsa County voters approved last year, he said.

The centennial is a great statewide event, LaFortune said.

Barnett said the Tulsa projects will be about what "makes Oklahoma a unique state -- its Native American and Western heritage and oil."

Wade said the centennial will be about all the people who made Tulsa and Oklahoma, but also about the future.

Barnett said about 50 projects were proposed, and they were trimmed to 19.

Among the privately funded projects proposed for Tulsa are:

"5 Moons:" Five life-size bronze sculptures of famed Oklahoma Indian ballerinas Moscelyne Larkin, Yvonne Chouteau, Rosella Hightower, Marjorie Tallchief and Maria Tallchief.

"Oil Capitol Centennial Park:" A new half-block park in downtown Tulsa.

"The Art of Oil -- A Centennial Celebration of Art Treasures:" A joint venture of the Gilcrease Museum and The Philbrook Museum of Art to present the art collections of Oklahoma oil families. "