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  1. Bricktown's Embassy Suites May Be Delayed
  2. Hotel Tax Increase- Dec. 14th
  3. Oklahoma River Holiday Celebration
  4. New Retail Store Coming To Downtown Oklahoma City
  5. More housing coming to downtown
  6. downtownguy's Monday blog
  7. mranderson the center of downtownguy's blog
  8. downtownguy's daily blog
  9. Major League Baseball coming to the Brick
  10. Chamber Questions
  11. Tulsa's Centennial Projects
  12. Regency Tower Sold
  13. The Texas Tax System
  14. Why people are leaving our state
  15. Stay Free at the Sheraton Hotel OKC
  16. Car Tags Could Boost Wildflower Planting
  18. Airport pax traffic on the up and up
  19. Dell Updates
  20. New Building next to 50 Penn Place
  21. Penn Square outparcels: Which restaurants are coming?
  22. Chat now?
  23. Railed Train now open at zoo
  24. Highway lighting
  25. New bookstore coming to North OKC
  26. Rebirth of Capitol Hill
  27. More research coming to OUHSC
  28. Heritage Park Mall deal falls through
  29. The Cosmopolitan Salon and Spa
  30. Worst Freeway Stretch
  31. Oklahoma City Lands new cellular company
  32. Capitol Hill Needs a Web Page
  33. Oklahoma City Harris Survey
  34. Anyone remember Quik's/Mr. Quiks?
  35. Randy Hogan....
  36. Per Capita Personal Income stats in Oklahoma
  37. Another chance to improve city
  38. Alliance of Emerging Professionals (AEP)
  39. Oklahoma River Boat Parade
  40. Downtown in December
  41. More dowtown in Dec. events
  42. New Skyscrapers Downtown
  43. Old Academy in Edmond
  44. Major League Franchise: Good or Bad For OKC???
  45. Conncourse Renovation
  46. OKC- Not Pedestrian Friendly
  47. Spring Creek Village Update
  48. Riverwalk development in Moore
  49. Ideas for OKC Towne Centre
  50. Vote "YES" December 14
  51. Protect our horseshow heritage
  52. Future of the Oklahoma River
  53. Asian District to get business association
  54. Naming the Centennial Fountain
  55. Historic Boulevard Cafetaria closing???
  56. The new OU Children's Physician's Building
  57. Town Centers
  58. IHOP coming to Bricktown
  59. College Proposes Bricktown Mural
  60. I-35 North Progress