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  1. It's the law: Washington state lawmakers don't get speeding tickets
  2. Economy Bad - Stocks Rise
  3. France bans child beauty pageants
  4. Obama Wasn't Ready in 2008, Isn't Ready Now
  5. Terrorists in Kenya Mall Massacre May Have Included Americans
  6. Coburn on Efforts to Defund Obamacare
  7. Are social wedge issues make or break for you?
  8. Secession Library
  9. Question about Fox News
  10. Oklahoma Health Insurance Rates Under ACA...
  11. Ted Cruz
  12. US, Iranian leaders speak for first time since 1979
  13. This week in God
  14. Big Surprise! U.N. votes to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons.
  15. From Nobel Prize winner in economics Paul Krugman: Republican Health Care Panic
  16. Good news: Government Shutdown Looms
  17. Sen Inhofe Challenges Climate Change Report
  18. Shutdown Costs US $2 BILLION
  19. US employers slashing worker hours to avoid Obamacare insurance mandate
  20. Boehner's emails leaked
  21. Business Leaders Supporting Obama on Shutdown
  22. Good news
  23. Five reasons Americans already love ObamaCare
  24. Suspect killed after ramming barricade near White House
  25. Texas Governor Race
  26. Debt Ceiling
  27. Working together
  28. Good News! aca exchange enrollment may be in single digits
  29. Is Obamacare really a jobs killer?
  30. Where's sense of crisis in a 17% government shutdown?
  31. Sense Of Unease Growing Around The World As U.S. Government Looks Befuddled
  32. An open letter to President Obama
  33. Shutdown has put the House in Play for 2014
  34. Obamacare Facebook Erupts with Citizen Sticker Shock
  35. Jim Inhofe has emergency heart surgery...
  36. How to Pass a Budget and Increase the Debt Limit in 3 Easy Steps
  37. If Baseball Were Played by the GOP's Rules
  38. GM Executive - New Auto Bubble Could Doom Company
  39. Ooops: As Its Global Warming Narrative Unravels, The IPCC Is In Damage Control Mode
  40. A true quote..
  41. *UPDATED* The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain
  42. Janet Yellen to be named Fed chair on Wednesday
  43. Feds Want Detroit Mayor Jailed for 28 Years
  44. has already cost more than $634 MILLION
  45. Charity to pay military death benefits
  46. What the VA governor's race tells us about the 2014 midterms
  47. They're Talking!
  49. Americans prefer hemorrhoids over Congress .
  50. Republican Party to blame
  51. Are Marriages Like This One Banned in Oklahoma?
  52. Awesome: Cruz Outplays Hecklers at Conservative Conference
  53. Sen. Clinton not strong enough?
  54. Focus on Senate after Obama rejects House plan
  55. " Obama Crackhead mudering homosexual "
  56. Tea Party and Christian Fundamentalists?
  57. US to Remain in Afghanistan
  58. Weekly World News: Obama to Rewrite the Constitution!
  59. Democracy Suspended by the GOP House
  60. This week in God