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  1. The indoctrination contines...............
  2. Republican "Star Power"
  3. Mr President, "do you agree with the prosecution of gosnell?
  4. Newton Mom fills in for Obama for weekly radio address...
  5. Obamacare Architect: Affordable Care Act 'Beyond Comprehension'
  6. Government to sell the TVA? Not so fast.
  7. Republican faithful take note... this is NOT good news for your party
  8. Letter with ricin sent to Senator, Found at off-site mail facility
  9. Saudi National Questioned over Boston Bombs to Be Deported
  10. Obama Voted 5th Best President Ever...
  11. Tom Coburn in Time 100 for 2013
  12. Immigration bill gives new legals 3,000 hiring edge.......
  13. The 28 Hour Week
  14. Obama--Who Pays Men 13% More Than Women--Proclaims 'Equal Pay Day'
  15. Boston Terrorist Speculation and Opinion
  16. NYT's Stelter Berates Fox for Reporting on Deadly Texas Blast...
  17. Insurers warn of Obamacare-induced sticker shock
  18. Top 5 Problems with the “Comprehensive” Immigration Bill
  19. Rand Paul
  20. Big Sis:Obama admin can pick which laws to enforce....
  21. FOX and the Constitution
  22. Weak durable goods orders point to sluggish economy
  23. I wonder why I didn't hear about this on the nightly news!
  24. S&P 500 ends April at record high. Dow closes up for fifth straight month.
  25. Sources: Suspected Bomber's Family Received $100K+ in Public Benefits
  26. Attorney: Benghazi Whistle-Blowers Threatened by White House
  27. Political ideology affects energy-efficiency attitudes and choices
  28. Spring car sales off to a strong start for U.S. automakers
  29. Economy in shambles, Obama Completely Responsible
  30. Obama: From king of the world to dead in the water in six months.
  31. Another Kern Coming?
  32. Warren Bill: Make Student Loans Same Rate as Wall Street Loans
  33. Report: Obama Spent $11.45 Million per 'Green Job' Created
  34. The Obama Burden Tracker
  35. Barack Nixon: IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups
  36. Give CBS anchor Scott Pelley credit for his accurate assessment on journalism.
  37. Federal Judge goes after Secretary Sebelius
  38. Tax Deal Truly Benefits Only One Income Level of Oklahomans
  39. 15 Surprising Facts About Immigration
  40. CAGW prime cuts summary
  41. Will a lobbyist provide effective oversight of lobbyists?
  42. Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe
  43. 40 Reasons For Gun Control
  44. Fallin Giveth and Fallin Taketh Away
  45. Nothing to See Here
  46. Deficits falling faster than expected
  47. NTSB Wants DUI Limit Lowered To .05
  48. Who Forged White House Benghazi Email?
  49. Lawmakers ramp up scandal scrutiny, Boehner wants 'jail' for IRS offenders
  50. Impotent Government?
  51. The IRS official in charge during the targeting now runs Obamacare
  52. Is it wrong
  53. North Korean prisoner escaped after 23 brutal years
  54. Will U.S. Designate Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and Nigeria As Religious Freedom Violators?
  55. Oklahoma Senators Face Difficult Options On Disaster Relief
  56. GOP Senators Divided over Stall Tactics on the Budget
  57. Alex Jones Says Government May Have Been Behind Moore Tornado
  58. Lois Lerner pleads the 5th.
  59. Terrorist attack in UK.....
  60. Production Of New Vehicles Predicted To Hit 2002 Levels