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  1. Wow! David Patreus Resigns CIA, Citing Extramarital Affair
  2. Some Good-Natured Humor to Lighten the Load (NOTE: Makes fun of LIberals)
  3. Oklahoma now has an energy czar
  4. Romney throws his staff under the bus - Its the Romney way!
  5. Obama wastes no time on UN arms treaty
  6. The party that doomed Romney
  7. To the Liberals on the board...
  8. My week...
  9. Peggy Noonan Column: Hilarious in Retrospect
  10. Louisiana Petitions to Leave the US
  11. Who/What is Primarily Responsible for the Election Results?
  12. ACA - maybe it can be weakened
  13. The Fiscal Cliff
  14. Arizona Gov. Calls for Abolishing Electoral College
  15. TLO: Hipsters invaded the Governor’s Mansion!
  16. Bart Simpson offers new ground rule for 2016
  17. Uncomfortable Sales Pitch:
  18. Obama Voters - question
  19. Oklahoma Citizens Petition White House to Leave the US
  20. People 'unliking' Romney on Facebook
  21. 24 Hours of Reality
  22. Papa John's Obamacare Math Mystery
  23. Ignorant? Uninformed? Lazy? Your opinion please...
  24. What if they gave a Benghazi briefing and nobody came.
  25. The Role of Media in a Crisis
  26. Jon Huntsman Jr. shares vision for ‘fine-tuning’ Republican Party
  27. Post Racial America
  28. New Ten Commandments Monument Outside State Capitol Has Spelling Errors
  29. Changes in America.....
  30. The Folly of Central Banks
  31. The Liberal Gloat
  32. Is this true?
  33. Oklahoma will not develop health care exchange
  34. Think Big For Oklahoma Suggests Former State Senator Hobson
  35. Ill Rep Jesse Jackson, Jr. Resigns 11/21/2012, Two Weeks After Re-Election
  36. Understanding the Politics of the Left
  37. Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants
  38. Interesting Analysis of Presidential Polls; Conclusion: Gallup Sucks
  39. The Bill of No Rights
  40. Twinkicide - Death by Liberalism
  41. How A Failed Commune Gave Us What Is Now Thanksgiving
  42. First Black President Can’t Help Blacks Stem Wealth Drop
  43. Looking Back on the Bailout
  44. Seven in ten Americans call for compromise on financial cliff.
  45. Black Friday shopping hits a new record
  46. Mandate with Destiny
  47. Warren Buffett calls for a minimum tax on the wealthy
  48. If top 5% paid 40% of taxes, what is their 'fair' share?
  49. Failures of Intelligence
  50. Entitlement and welfare.................
  51. Mary Fallin has secrets.....
  52. Taxing 401K
  53. UN Disabilities treaty
  54. Revenge of the Reality Based Community
  55. Romney Finally Captures the 47%
  56. Feeling the first effect of PPACA
  57. Obama About to Cross 51% Threshold; Romney Mr. 47%
  58. Governor Christie Responds To Teacher During Town Hall
  59. Oklahoma City Council Pay
  60. America: A Threat to Liberty?