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  1. ew
  2. Dems retreat on health care cost pitch
  3. Smoking causes Cancer
  4. The Daily Show
  5. The Real Dollar Cost of the Iraq War
  6. Mrs. Bill Clinton: Chinese human rights can't interfere with other crises
  7. Barf, Vomit and Gut Wrenching Puke
  8. Do police and firefighters cost too much?
  9. Dismantling America
  10. Trillions in Debt - and Nothing to Show For It
  11. Fallin plans to represent only the interests of the wealthy
  12. Beck show is making wholesale changes...
  13. 5 Years Ago...
  14. Get a Load of This New Lie Going Around About President Obama
  15. Lomborg's New Deal
  16. Enviro-terrorist Strikes
  17. The leftist / liberal establishment in academia means agree with us or get fired!
  18. AZ Gov. Jan Brewer caught in lie, runs from press
  19. Illegal Alien Held. Judge may send him back to his own country for crimes there
  20. McCain has moved to the right because he wants to win.
  21. Obama to pitch upgrading infrastructure
  22. Thin Skin in Chief
  23. Nutjobs still plan to burn Korans
  24. US church to go ahead with Sept. 11 Quran burning
  25. Government Spending Spree
  26. Even Muslims think Obama is a Muslim
  27. Do Congressmen deserve perks because they're Congressmen?
  28. Horrors of horrors? Black Tea Party members take heat!
  29. Religious Violence
  30. The BO Doctrine?
  31. RIP Stephen
  32. AP Turning on Obama - Say It Isn't So
  33. When Nature condemns you...
  34. Tan man proposes something worthwhile
  35. An Analysis of the Democrat "Mandate"
  36. American fired for exercising his First Amendment Right/Blasphemy
  37. Lefties's health care law drives up costs - duh
  38. Palin and O'Donnell: the New Voice of American Conservatives.
  39. Michelle Obama's plan to fight childhood obesity
  40. Visit from Family
  41. The Stimulus was a Massive Failure that put us further in Debt
  42. Restore Sanity
  43. Obama can't even quote The Declaration of Independence correctly
  44. Being patriotic at U of Illinois football games is offensive to Muslims
  45. GOP Taken Over By Tea Party - Team Obama Thinks That Might be the Case
  46. Quality Political Dialogue
  47. The Billionares Who Bankroll the "Grass Roots" Tea Party
  48. I disagree
  49. Responses
  50. What Conservatives Think of Postal Workers
  51. A tax story. Maybe someone will finally get it.
  52. Another Tax Story--perhaps they will finally get it
  53. According to Palin, no need to prevent Terrorist attacks
  54. Dr No at it again
  55. Republican's Pledge to America
  56. The Founding Fathers Versus the Tea Party
  57. Vote Yes on State Question 750
  58. With all the uncertainty regarding their taxes...
  59. BO sez: It Matters to the World - but he forgot something
  60. Good News Mary Fallin leads Jari Askins by 27 points!