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  1. Murder of two young girls
  2. The Official Oklahoma Slogan/Logo ???
  3. The Official Oklahoma Slogan/Logo ???
  4. Mystery House
  5. Tim Russert NBC has Died
  6. NEW DESIGN: The Official Oklahoma Logo/Slogan
  7. Breaking a lease maybe questions
  8. James Dobson Goes After Obama
  9. Obama's plan for Showbiz Pizza???
  10. Oklahoma to get official rock song
  11. 2nd Amendment
  12. Climate Change a Threat to National Security?
  13. And Today's Latest Constitutional Showdown Is....
  14. "Bush" on Global Warming
  15. Are Okies intrigued by sexual misconduct?
  16. How long until the Oil spectulators...
  17. Why we get to celebrate the 4th of July...
  18. OKC School Board names new superintendent
  19. Illegal = No College
  20. Okie Socialists
  21. Iran fires missle test
  22. Russia gets threatening to US missle shield
  23. Jesse Jackson
  24. Israel threatens war with Iran
  25. 55 MPH National Speed Limit
  26. Will McCain's Marital History Hurt Him?
  27. Child Custody Question
  28. Syrian Prez hides from Olmert
  29. Kirk Humphreys to build Lake Eufala resort
  30. Suit filed in fake story about OU QBs
  31. Suit filed in fake story about OU QBs
  32. i gotta speeding ticket yesterday
  33. Wal-Mart to begin buying fruits, veggies from state growers
  34. Rinehart's comic book targets foes
  35. Fallin Freshman Congresswoman
  36. It has made National News!
  37. More Money Coming Our Way?
  38. Is McCain a "natural-born citizen" of the US?
  39. Oklahoma is behind
  40. Kern caught carrying gun into State Capitol?
  41. The Mother of All Bailouts
  42. Sen. Jim Inhofe embarrassing us again...
  43. Pickens Plan
  44. Rinehart: Liar or Fancy Dancer
  45. Project Boomerang aims to bring former Oklahomans back to state
  46. Tulsa- Puppy Kills Baby
  47. Obama and Taxes
  48. Do you actually WANT to vote?
  49. Homeland Security: What Constitution?
  50. Closed Thread - Medicad System
  51. Oklahoma GOP hero Sally Kern - Agent of God
  52. Annoyed With Presidential Politics
  53. Bob Barr Running for President as a Libertarian?
  54. Iraq's Budget Surplus Could Top $79 Billion on High Oil Prices
  55. DHS paternity goof haunts Tulsa man
  56. Barack Roll
  57. Russia invades Georgia
  58. Corporation Income Tax
  59. Right Turn on Red
  60. Russia halting NATO cooperation