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  1. Morgan road just north of Reno
  2. Large project West of Wiley Post Airport
  3. Western Heights demoltion
  4. Northwest corner of NW 178th and N May
  5. Dev Accross Rockwell from Farmers Ins.
  6. RC Track looking for new location
  7. Large area south of Crest at 104th and May?
  8. 178th and May - Northwest side of The Grove
  9. Another development on Council
  10. New Putnam City middle school
  11. Plaza District Parking
  12. Area next to new Fedex facility.
  13. Eastside corridor development.
  14. NW corner of SW 44th and MacArthur
  15. SE corner of MacArthur and Reno
  16. Combined cost of the CC, hotel, park, and mixed use
  17. South side of Reno near Reno and Cemetery
  18. NW 69th and May / former Storkland
  19. Council Trails
  20. Opportunity Zones
  21. Height and Density in the Core
  22. Arby's classic cowboy hat sign on NW 39th
  23. NW39th and Portland
  24. NW Highway & Meridian
  25. Then & Now
  26. Neighborhoods
  27. Council at Devore
  28. 2019 Endangered Buildings List
  29. S Walker and 44th ST
  30. News in 2019
  31. Cost of Abandoned Houses Study
  32. Hb 1032
  33. Real Estate Crowdfunding in OKC Metro
  34. NW corner of Grand Blvd and N May Ave?
  35. Building the aquarium through crowdfunding?
  36. Office Park or Retail near 178th and Penn
  37. Jefferson Truck Trailer & Bus
  38. What is the vacancy rate on retail space downtown?
  39. Anybody have any idea what’s going up on Britton and waverly next to the sonic
  40. 44 and 104th Street
  41. Pull-A-Part
  42. Possible Hefner and County Line Apartment Development
  43. Metropolitan Area Projects evolution & momentum
  44. NE corner of Reno and Morgan
  45. Plans for former Bricktown Chelinos?
  46. Site Work on N. Meridian
  47. Walmart files permit for $1.25M remodel of I-240 SuperCenter
  48. Biltmore Hotel on Meridian
  49. Urban Air Trampoline Park NW OKC
  50. New construction at sw 134th and Penn
  51. Motor City Property
  52. Reno and Morgan
  53. Amount of development in dollars from year to year
  54. IT firm coming to Bricktown.
  55. Any idea what’s going on with the strip mall on Britton and penn
  56. Parklane Townhomes (dilapidated apartments on 8100 N. MacArthur Blvd. and Canal Rd.)
  57. House on N. Douglas btw NW 16th and NW 17th Street
  58. Dell campus
  59. Reno by City Trailer
  60. Spec warehouse on 44th and MacArthur