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  1. Another reason why I'm trying to become debt free...
  2. High Blood Pressure!
  3. Heart stenosis!!
  4. Ugliest Car You Have Ever Seen
  5. Ghost
  6. Church Recommendation
  7. Inviting in Misery and Disease
  8. The Greatest Enemy of Christianity
  9. New Karate Classes in NW OKC
  10. How do you find out for Allergy!!
  11. Christmas Music hits the airwaves in Tulsa.
  12. Shirley MacLaine in OKC at Colcord?
  13. lasik surgery!
  14. Oklahoma, a great investment.
  15. Del City Home for Sale
  16. Carrie Prejean sex tape
  17. D.C. Sniper to be executed, tonight
  18. RT - see it NOW | Twitter releases official retweet feature to select “beta group”
  19. November '09 Weather Discussion
  20. Veterans Day
  21. Merciful Heavens
  22. New Testament: Intolerance
  23. your personal time machine
  24. Heavy Metal Monk
  25. Wal-Mart's New Roll Forward Pricing
  26. Soldiers Homecoming by their pets
  27. Why Religion Must End
  28. Looking for a Joomla expert
  29. Poor little darling
  30. Short Changed
  31. Military Veterans - Sound Off!
  32. So Sad... Tommy Wolf
  33. Tax Question
  34. Cox Internet; Your friend in 1980s Technology
  35. Can you believe this?!
  36. Cop Tasers 10 Year Old
  37. Obama Teleprompter Malfumction
  38. Insurers using Facebook to investigate claimants
  39. Man discovers long lost dad is Charles Manson
  40. First-Time Homebuyer (maybe)
  41. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  42. National Dog Show
  43. Westboro Baptist Church to protest at the OU/OSU Bedlam game Saturday
  44. Cute video of a Pit
  45. Pearl is a Lap Dog
  46. December '09 Weather Discussion
  47. Rheas (Rays) on N. May: THUG Magnet
  48. Infiniti Q45: Tons of Tech Data
  49. Not a good year for cats
  50. Headache - Is it a migraine?
  51. The Family” or "The Fellowship opts for genocide in Uganda
  52. Tiger
  53. Tiger Woods Family Christmas Photo
  54. Save the Earth, get rid of the trappings of Christmas
  55. Army surgeon removes portion of a live RPG from soldier
  56. For men who are honest...only!
  57. Pearl Harbor
  58. Home Tech Wiring - Setup
  59. Grace Living Centers
  60. Free Kittens just in time for Christmas :D