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  1. Wedding video foils fraudulent lawsuit
  2. Quiz: 'Star Wars' name, ballplayer, or Thai food?
  3. Angry investors find elusive oilman on MTV
  4. Name a reason you think making love in the bathtub might not be so romantic
  5. Terror Plot JFK
  6. Babysitter Charged?
  7. Cedar Point
  8. eharmony sued for discrimination
  9. I'll bet she looks so "hot" in orange...
  10. God Bless the families of Spc Jiminez, Pvt Fouty & Pfc Anzack
  11. "We need more ‘attacks on American soil’ so people appreciate Bush"
  12. Indian Casinos Gross $25 Billion in 2006.
  13. 97 year old woman honored for saving 2500 children during Holocaust.
  14. Men Do This!
  15. Missing Kansas Teen
  16. Most women prefer chocolate to sex
  17. Eating live frogs, rats "cures tummy upsets"
  18. Classified
  19. Red Light Camera Caught Ticketing the Innocent
  20. New Billboards
  21. Casino Question
  22. 81-year old woman found living with about 120 pet rats
  23. Semi-truck takes man and wheelchair for a ride down Red Arrow Highway
  24. Paris Hilton out of jail
  25. Hi all it has been a while (not such good news)
  26. Doctors Overpaid?
  27. For NE_Oasis--Alcohol Powder in Netherlands
  28. McDonald’s fries, Cheez Whiz scientist dies
  29. Pantyhose Save Alleged Robber Dressed As Woman
  30. In search of people....
  31. Above ground pools
  32. Happy Birthday to Zoi !
  33. Nominee to Coordinate War Offers Grim Forecast on Iraq
  34. Bartlesville teen places at International Science Fair.
  35. Air Show/ Blue Angels
  36. Atm Help!!!
  37. False weather warnings being investigated
  38. Funeral business is deadly serious
  39. Job change suggestions?
  40. Stuff on My Cat
  41. Did I miss Spring?
  42. Paris found Religion
  43. Something BIG is about to shed light in the media. (Possibly)
  44. Your tax dollars at work... the 'gay bomb'
  45. Inventions
  46. 51-year-old to get probation for having sex with 15-year-old
  47. The wurst new flavors you can imagine...
  48. Hamas attempting Coup
  49. WMDs close to home
  50. Surf's Up
  51. Russian Teen
  52. Fantasy Vacation?
  53. Puppy Feeding Question
  54. New FDA approved diet drug
  55. The OKC National Memorial is looking for volunteers!
  56. Best Buy fake website debacle
  57. Randolph Dial dies in Prison
  58. Compassionate Friends
  59. Pentagon Report: Surge Not Slowing Violence in Iraq
  60. man faces 7 year sentence under "wiretapping law" for filming police