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  2. No Merry Christmas this year!
  3. Peterson's gonna die....
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  8. Dick Clark won't be ringing in the new year
  9. Plagiarism- is it a crime?
  10. Do you make religion a part of your child's life?
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  12. Tips for safe shopping
  13. any cheap telephone company in OKC?
  14. Wireless Internet Locations??
  15. God and the Geese
  16. OKC Fire Chief retiring
  17. Celebrex causes heart problems
  18. Modding My Computer
  19. Whacking at Quail Springs
  20. Noradsanta
  21. Aleve causes heart problems
  22. Christmas Eve services
  23. Travel Agent or online booking?
  24. Avoid Frozen Water Pipes
  25. Segway finds its niche in OKC
  26. New Years Eve
  27. New year's resolutions
  28. Once Saved always saved?
  29. Discipline question?
  30. Religious affiliation lowers suicide rate
  31. Resolutions, anyone???
  32. Officer files lawsuit
  33. Photographers?
  34. Happy New Year
  35. 17 yr old daughter wanting to move out:(
  36. happy new year
  37. Happy New year
  38. How flakey are you??
  39. Top Ten Predictions of 2005
  40. Nichols Costs Taxpayers More Than $4M
  41. How young is too young to get a body piercing?
  42. Opinion of infant baptism/cristening?
  43. help?
  44. Tsunami - satellite images
  45. Could anybody tell me how to make avator?
  46. Sonic Coupons
  47. Any local Hip&Hop, R&B, Rap artist?
  48. Does anybody know sound edit prog?
  49. New to OKC area, looking for friends
  50. "Fear Factor" being sued
  51. In this thread, we insult other peoples' parents.
  52. Horoscopes?
  53. Fittest and Fattest Cities
  54. Any good web hosting service
  55. Reasons to be single...
  56. A Vision of Heroes
  57. Quitting Smoking
  58. Check this out!!!
  59. Another Coke!!!
  60. In this thread, we mimic 14-year-olds on an IM program...