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  1. The Guy's Rules
  2. Higher Intelligence ?
  3. Is the State Fair safe?
  4. Favorite Comedy Ever?
  5. Tickle Me Elmo TMX
  6. Steve Irwin Memorial
  7. Pet (Dog) Boarders
  8. nw okc occupancy rates
  9. How do I go about.......
  10. Mel Gibson
  11. Brian Bates needs psychiatric help
  12. Only the rich pay taxes
  13. Did you know?
  14. I hate Denton Texas
  15. useless facts.
  16. singles football party
  17. singles football party
  18. Fund raiser and cook out
  19. Cook out
  20. Ugh - From Tulsa
  21. Visit to Frontier City
  22. In this thread we post falcities and attacks pertaining to Spartan
  23. Are You Safe At Work?
  24. Scenic America
  25. In this thread we post negative stuff.....
  26. Can you say.....Geiser???
  27. Free the DOG
  28. This can't be true.
  29. Compliments...A Positive Thing
  30. Mid-Life Crisis
  31. Something fun a student shared with me
  32. In this thread we discuss personal encounters with hypocrites
  33. Stiff Big Toe - Halux Rigidus - Surgery
  34. Changing usernames
  35. Northside vs Southside
  36. Let Freedom Ring
  37. 13!
  38. Nay-sayers please respond
  39. Tulsa/Oprah - yuk
  40. Ladies! Help!!
  41. nu*cu*ler or nu*cle*ar?
  42. Solution to our woes
  43. Howl-o-ween Animal Adoption Event!!
  44. Grady County Fairgrounds to host all-breed dog show in November
  45. Where are they now?
  46. Searching for Singles. Hello, Hello Anyone?
  47. places to haunt this year.
  48. A little something to lighten the mood around here
  49. What is it about religion that appeals to you?
  50. Laptop microprocessors.....
  51. In this thread we brag about what we're currently listening to
  52. Say goodbye to Hokie Okie Spartan
  53. OKC martial arts studios?
  54. What does it mean to be a Christian?
  55. In this thread bandnerd brags on her students
  56. Lauri101's Daughter in Afghanistan
  57. Vietnamese Comm. in OKC
  58. Wilson Mechanical
  59. Thank you Keith and grandma ma!
  60. Thanks Patrick, Keith, Karried, and Todd