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  17. The problem with the lottery
  18. Admin/Moderator Meeting
  19. Having a Garage Sale?
  20. publicity/community service
  21. Mighty Men of God
  22. See You At The Pole
  23. Check all meds that apply
  24. Devon +10.27
  25. Have you Lost Kids?
  26. Prophet and Loss: Is Pat Robertson’s ‘Silent Partner’ pulling out?
  27. Creative advertising
  28. Given up hope on love
  29. KAUT to carry remastered Trek episodes..
  30. New John Marshall not so New after all.
  31. Excuse me, is your butt ringing?
  32. Kids leaving home.
  33. In this thread, we try to make people feel sorry for us...
  34. Lest We Forget
  35. The Resume of Jesus Christ
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  37. Most Recent Book?
  38. Where Were You September 11, 2001?
  39. Sorry
  40. From The NEWS9 Weather Center...
  41. Who's Perfect?
  42. Who's Perfect
  43. Religion and Relationships in Indian Territory
  44. For the parents
  45. Does God want Joel Osteen to be rich?
  46. Scariest Movie Ever?
  47. U of Georgia Fraternity Declares "Open Season" on Black Women?
  48. In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story
  49. Poker Causing Gambling Addiction...
  50. Mark Lowry to Perform at Falls Creek
  51. BGCO To celebrate 100 Years
  52. Not enough air to the heart
  53. Donations, etc for OKC Animal Shelter
  54. Pope Sticks Foot in Mouth
  55. Nebraska Court Rejects Casino Measure
  56. Nationwide, Pro-Life Youth Event
  57. Christian Faces Trial over Pamphlets
  58. What is legal marriage to you?
  59. Your Married Friends
  60. Why Women Give Bad Dating Advice