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  1. Supreme Court refuses to hear gay marriage ban
  2. Black Asphalt, Desert Snow, and more bad cops (civil forfeiture)
  3. Fun with magnets and MRI's ;)
  4. New drug derived from berries from brushwood is promising for anticancer activity
  5. Interesting question about N Korea
  6. A little open carry humor
  7. Officer involved shooting: Possible car jacking
  8. Tonight 9pm - HGTV: House Hunters (OKC)
  9. How Did You Die in Your Past Life?(Fun Quiz)
  10. Owner of Edna's Club and Restaurant dies
  11. Oklahoma Medicaid leaders say agency needs at least $164 million more
  12. Fall Foliage - When? Where? and what have you seen?
  13. Glen Campbell's farewell ballad
  14. Every frisbee golfer smokes weed
  15. Twon Hall meeting on Islam
  16. FBI director: iPhones shields pedophiles from cops
  17. FBI director: iPhones shields pedophiles from cops
  18. Islamophobia is a-foot during Edmond's town hall meeting about Islam
  19. Apparently the grandbabies have been praying for new pets
  20. 5G Mobile Network
  21. Fun with Science
  22. Crazy accidents and crashes
  23. Apple Vs. Android
  24. Everyone should get a flu shot
  25. Salt Lake City visit
  26. Lipotropic shots
  27. Looking for something to do this Sunday? (10/26)
  28. Top Scientology members ambush an Ex Scientologist in LAX. Creeeeepy!
  29. Modern day chariot
  30. Halloween
  31. What do you think is the biggest waste of money?
  32. Weird News
  33. Teenager driving question...
  34. This Video is NOT for the Environmental Conscience
  35. Google
  36. American Industries that are dying
  37. Elon Musk
  38. Darwin runner up's
  39. Seattle is the fifth Whitest Big City
  40. Whites Only Laundry
  41. How Can Two Lane Highways Be Made Safer?
  42. Daylight Savings Time
  43. Are we on the verge of discovering the Amelia Earhart mystery?
  44. Space Ship Two Crashes
  45. Oklahoma Laws Concerning 3.2 Beer
  46. Norman says it will never release Mixon video
  47. 3 trick-or-treaters killed by speeding car
  48. Breakthrough fiberoptic cable 2,500X faster than fastest internet -
  49. Death with Dignity
  50. Two ministers, 90-year-old man arrested for feeding the homeless
  51. Black Friday 2014
  52. Lump of Coal for Someone's Stocking? Check!
  53. The death of the most fundamental courtesy
  54. Oklahoma Interstate (Not Turnpike) Speed Limits
  55. Employer healthcare contributions
  56. KKK now accepting black, gay and Jewish people
  57. Kitten Lost Her Best Friend. What Her Human Did to Make Her Feel Better Will Warm You
  58. OKC manufacturing plant closing after receiving $899,845 for job creation
  59. Riversport Adventures 50% off day pass 2015
  60. Chieftain tank at Wilshire gun range..........