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    Default Candy Manufacturer in Downtown OKC

    Does anyone remember the name of the candy manufacturer that wasin Oklahoma City? Thanks.

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    Bunte Candy Company, Oklahoma City 89ers' promotion.

    Those green seat bleachers lining the right field at All Sports Stadium was the seating for the Bunte Brigade. A simple candy rapper would allow you general admission entrance into the ballpark to sit in the Bunte Brigade. You were allowed the option to upgrade seating at the ticket booth.

    IIRC: The seven-story building Bunte Candy Factory was located on Sheridan in Bricktown:

    A later effort to build a parking garage in a parking lot in the center of the block to support a mixed-used development dubbed "The Factory” which would have included conversion of the Bunte Candy Building into lofts never materialized due to lack of financing.
    Candy Factory plans summer loft conversion: https://newsok.com/article/3051624/c...oft-conversion

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    I remember this well! I used to drive a rock truck and hauled rock, sand, and add-mixtures into a ready mix plant right behind this candy company. We used to drive the guy that owned that candy company crazy! Those KW's and Petes had automatic radiator fans that worked off of a thermostat. Without fail the fan would come on at just about the same time as you leaving the ready mix plant and blow that very fine dust up off the pavement and it would go straight into the back door of the candy place. The guy would stand in the loading bay door with crossed arms and just have a fit. I know the poor guy thought we were doing it on purpose.

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    The candy might have surpassed the apartments. Just sayin'

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