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    Auto Alley Broad

    BROAD is the name given to the old Mercedes dealership which will be the new home to HoganTaylor accounting firm.

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    Why oh why are they not planning to add sidewalks along 11th, 12th, and Broadway Place? Seems like an inevitability that more density will be coming to the area now that the dealership is gone. They should be anticipating development fronting each side of the building.

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    This development is a bit underwhelming. I was hoping for more. This would make a great Whole Foods or REI. Not sure if an accounting firm will activate the area anymore than the dealership did. I also echo the comments about not including a sidewalk. Maybe they intend to build one anyways. This would be a great building for a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods because of the parking lot in the back. I will be emailing both companies and letting them know of this opportunity, even though it's a tad late for anything like that to happen.

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    ^^^I agree and I've been sayin the same thing about a grocery store. This location has much potential...

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    By the renderings you'd think it is still a Mercedes dealership.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rezman View Post
    By the renderings you'd think it is still a Mercedes dealership.
    I hadn't noticed that just about every car in the rendering is a Merc, haha!

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    Pete, did Howard/Midtown sell the building, or are they just leasing it to BROAD/HoganTaylor?

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    Having 65-70 well paid accountants in that area cannot be bad. They will spend money at the local restaurants. Sure, everyone prefers retail over office, but money talks.

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    ^^^ True. It's definitely better than a vacant lot or even a car dealership.

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    Work has started.

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