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Thread: John Moreland

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    John Moreland to launch tour April 11 @ Diamond Ballroom. Get some!

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    Saw his last show of 2017 at the Tower.

    He did a full band set, solo acoustic set, a couple of songs with him and John Calvin Abney, and then closed it with the full band. Great show!

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    I saw him at the NMF in '16. Really enjoyed him and will try to catch him in April.

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    The Diamond Ballroom show is part of a short tour with Deer Tick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OkieHornet View Post
    The Diamond Ballroom show is part of a short tour with Deer Tick.
    Yep.... Saw Deer Tick at the first Old 97's County Fair in 2016. They weren't bad but not enough to my liking that I really want to see them again.

    Unfortunately I already have prior commitments on this date. So it wasn't a deal breaker for me as I wasn't going to make this show anyway.

    I sure was hoping when Jason Isbell had to reschedule his 2017 show that maybe he would get Moreland to open for him again.... Enjoyed James McMurtry but sure would have liked to of seen a Moreland/Isbell show.

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