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    Midtown 8th Street Church

    Work has started to renovate a historic church at 701 NW 8th.

    The Midtown Church in OKC is a Church of the Nazarene and currently hold services at City Pres. They are about halfway to their $1.7 million fundraising goal.

    Owned by Saint Anthony Hospital, the church was most recently occupied by Skyline Urban Ministry and was built as a Methodist church in 1911.

    It is just north of Red Andrews Park which will start a full renovation this fall.

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    Work is already underway on this. My cardiologist's office is right across the street and at an appointment on Friday I noticed a beehive of activity there including Midwest wrecking trucks. Glad to know a renovation is underway rather than a demo slipping through unnoticed.

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    I was at the groundbreaking with Bradley Wynn. Took plenty of photos and 4k video but having trouble sharing the video.

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    Pete, at the ceremony they mentioned they are changing the name of the church to "8th Street Church".

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    Great to see what is going on with the old 8th Street Church. They want to put the steeple back on that rotted away. Check out their GoFundMe page. https://www.gofundme.com/8thstchurchsteeple

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    Glad to see this happening. I'm not particularly religious anymore but I do really appreciate historic churches.

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    New belfry and steeple were installed yesterday afternoon:

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    Very Nice!

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