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Thread: 308 NW 10th

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    There's a "The Collective" in Edmond that is coworking space.

    They're going to have to get a URL like or some such thing....... always always always do a domain check before you name your business....

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    It's Gardner Architects, who do great work. And it looks killer.

    Beyond that I see nothing to nitpick. This is not going to be cheap -- I'm sure the details will get sorted out.

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    No intention of knocking the quality of the work and such. I'm certain it will be fantastic.

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    I hope this thing gets fast tracked! This looks awesome. I love that Midtown has so much energy behind development right now. Great news!

    I remember hearing Bleu Garten's lease was going to end in the coming years. Any update on how long we can expect Bleu Garten to stay at their current location? I hope that is only rumor because the Collective + Bleu Garten will make for a killer outdoor entertainment/drinking/eating center in Midtown.

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    I think they recently renewed for a couple more years.

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