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Thread: The Collective

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    Default Re: 308 NW 10th

    There's a "The Collective" in Edmond that is coworking space.


    They're going to have to get a URL like thecollectivemidtown.com or some such thing....... always always always do a domain check before you name your business....

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    Default Re: 308 NW 10th

    It's Gardner Architects, who do great work. And it looks killer.

    Beyond that I see nothing to nitpick. This is not going to be cheap -- I'm sure the details will get sorted out.

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    No intention of knocking the quality of the work and such. I'm certain it will be fantastic.

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    I hope this thing gets fast tracked! This looks awesome. I love that Midtown has so much energy behind development right now. Great news!

    I remember hearing Bleu Garten's lease was going to end in the coming years. Any update on how long we can expect Bleu Garten to stay at their current location? I hope that is only rumor because the Collective + Bleu Garten will make for a killer outdoor entertainment/drinking/eating center in Midtown.

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    I think they recently renewed for a couple more years.

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    Work has started:

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    Where are people suppose to park for this?

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    It's on the streetcar line. By the time it's open, you'll be able to park nearly anywhere downtown, which I'm sure played into the timing of it's acquisition.

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    The same place people park for everything in Midtown. The streets and lots in the area. This is literally across the street from Bleu and everyone knows you park in the streets or in the northern lots for there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnw View Post
    It's on the streetcar line. By the time it's open, you'll be able to park nearly anywhere downtown, which I'm sure played into the timing of it's acquisition.
    I hope that's true but that seems optimistic in the short term. Time will tell.

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    There are also still large swaths of surface parking nearby, some with controlled access, some not. But I would expect surface lots in this area to rapidly start transitioning to paid parking very soon. I don’t have specific information about this, but it’s the nature of this type of densification, income potential becomes too great to ignore.

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    They posted some pictures on FB / IG yesterday.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TC1.jpg 
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ID:	14594 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TC2.jpg 
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Name:	TC3.jpg 
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Name:	TC4.jpg 
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Name:	TC5.jpg 
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ID:	14598

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    New renderings:

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    This looks great. It will represent a massive improvement and draw to the area. Can’t wait to see how it ultimately turns out

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    Default Re: The Collective

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    Love all these barrel roofed buildings!

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    From their FB page. Interesting opportunity for someone interested in a restaurant but not ready for a full restaurant and/or a food truck.

    The Collective OKC
    May 15 at 8:07pm

    Have you always dreamed of having your own restaurant?

    Have a unique culinary concept that you want to launch?

    Apply now for your chance to occupy one of seven fully equipped kitchens inside of The Collective.

    Located in a 12,600 sq.ft. building in the heart of Midtown, across from Bleu Garten, The Collective is Oklahoma City's first food hall. Offering 7 different culinary concepts under one roof, as well as a bar and rooftop patio, The Collective aims to answer the infamous question: "Where are we going to eat?"

    Full applications due June 19th. Auditions will begin July 19th.

    Click here to apply: www.thecollectiveokc.com/apply/

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    Just learned that they had 80 (!) applicants.

    The operators are now doing tasting auditions for those who made the second round, a group of 30.

    Ultimately, 10 will be selected to occupy the kitchens in this development.

    Lots is going into the decision process including the desire to have all-day alternatives, like at least one place that focuses on breakfast.

    Could end up be a great incubator for full-blown restaurants in OKC, as it's really a step between a food truck and a stand-alone operation.

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    Default Re: The Collective

    This is such a great idea.

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    I have a mutual friend that was presenting today. In addition to the food, this person had an 80+ slide presentation for them. It sounds like there are a ton of serious people applying and they are doing very thorough vetting. I'm even more excited for this.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_5333 (002).jpg 
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    Took this yesterday. Laying concrete and working on the roof.

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    Those guys (and the Swansons folks) are going to need some kind of award upon completion. Such a turnaround for both properties in terms of density and higher use.

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    I mean that's about as close to tearing something down and starting fresh as you can get

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