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    Getting an upgrade: Bricktown committee receives changes to planned Hyatt exterior
    By: Molly M. Fleming The Journal Record November 12, 2015 0

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Bricktown Urban Design Committee approved with a requested change in the plans for the Hyatt Place Hotel, which will start construction in 2016’s first quarter.

    The committee had concerns about the building’s exterior being prominently exterior insulation and finishing system – better known as EIFS – rather than brick. EIFS is simulated stucco that creates a smooth appearance.

    City planner Michael Philbrick said the hotel on Bricktown’s east side is near a planned project on the south side of E. Sheridan Avenue that has already used a lot of EIFS, and he doesn’t think that trend should continue. A committee member said the building’s exterior may be 20 to 25 percent brick.

    Architect and committee member Omar Khoury suggested that ADG Inc. architect J.C. Witcher incorporate more bricks or capstone into the window trim. The group approved the plan with the expected change.

    The Hyatt Place would add 132 rooms to downtown, an area that is still seeing strong room demand, said Mike Carrier, president of the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau. He said the downtown market has maintained more than 70 percent occupancy rates for the past two years, with a 19-percent increase in demand over the last year and a 17-percent increase in supply. He tracks the rates in Oklahoma City proper.

    “There’s still more demand coming in here in the downtown area,” he said.

    Nationwide, the luxury, upper upscale, and upscale hotels have maintained the highest occupancy rates for the past two years, according to data from the STR hotel analysts. The occupancy rates have been 74.9 percent to 76.5 percent in those property types.

    But those hotels are few and far between in the city. Carrier said getting those higher-end brands in Oklahoma City is a constant push. The 21c Museum Hotel under construction at the Fred Jones building will help fill that gap. The Skirvin Hilton Hotel and the Waterford Marriott, which will soon relaunch as a Waterford Renaissance, are considered luxury hotels.

    “When you see those levels of hotels are exceeding 70 percent and some of the other hotels are down in the 50 to 65 percent (range), those (high-end hotels) are the hotels that people are looking for,” he said. “We’re already looking at trying to build more luxury hotels.”

    Around the city, the year-to-date occupancy rate is 64.5 percent, at an average daily rate of $86.75. The entire metro area has a 63.9 percent occupancy. Central area hotels have an occupancy of 73.2 percent.

    “In the industry, performance in excess of 60 percent is considered to be positive, so overall we are still in positive territory for the city and the metro area,” he said.

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    From the news 9 skycamsClick image for larger version. 

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    Quick update on the Hyatt Place Bricktown - Opening Date is somewhere inside the month of December. Can honestly say as the GM of this hotel that it will offer some things no other hotel in Bricktown can offer right now. Looking forward to bringing the first Hyatt product to Downtown OKC, this brand especially is the breadwinner for Hyatt right now with by far the most in the Hyatt pipeline worldwide. Our location will be very close to #300 in the world.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pryor Tiger View Post
    Can honestly say as the GM of this hotel that it will offer some things no other hotel in Bricktown can offer right now.
    This is great - look forward to seeing the hotel when it opens. Able to/care to elaborate on some of the hotel's unique offerings?

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    Thanks Timshel! You know, Hyatt Place Hotels have come a long way. The brand just started in 2005, one of the youngest upscale brands. Hyatt knew it needed a select service offering, but Hyatt is a pro at full service. Thus, the Hyatt Place to me at least, feels like a full service hotel in a select service skin. Some of the differences we will have;

    -24/7 dining possibilities, we have a 24/7 menu that can be ordered off of 24 hours a day. Only difference is they are rolling out a late night menu that is about half as big as the main menu. Plus, we revamped the menu this year and it features Korean Tacos, Pulled Pork Sliders, Perfect Grilled Cheese, and more. We cook fresh food (not raw, but fresh), in house from ingredients, not pre-made.

    -We have starbucks coffee in house like other hotels downtown, but no-one has that in Bricktown to my knowledge. We have a bar that will feature local craft beers, there is an upgraded Hyatt Place Cocktail Menu, Canvas Wines (Robert Mondavi brand) and other wine choices.

    -Brand new catering menu coming out for the 1832 sq ft "meeting place" with all inclusive package offerings and what I believe to be one of the best value catering menus in the city. You won't be disappointed when you plan a meeting with our team!

    -The Courtyard is phenomenal. Adjacent to the Bar/Restaurant, seating for up to 40 people. Steel veranda being built against the building with many seating areas underneath. Big round fire pit with chairs all around. Should make for a neat setup.

    -Hyatt Place rooms are well regarded in the industry. Large rooms, comfortable beds, big couch. Every room has a sofa sleeper, so 69 King Rooms and 65 Double Queen Rooms with a pullout sofa means ultimate choices for group business.

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    Will the 24/7 menu be available to the public or only to hotel guests? Can totally understand if it is only available for hotel guests, but I imagine it would be a popular option for Steelyard/Deep Deuce district residents and Criterion concert-goers.

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    Good News Timshel but we will market our F&B programs to the public!

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    This is awesome, thanks for the insight Prior Tiger. Cannot wait for you guys to open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OKC_on_mines View Post
    This is awesome, thanks for the insight Prior Tiger. Cannot wait for you guys to open.
    I think it's Pryor Tiger, as in the town Pryor and their mascot. Not Prior Tiger, as in before Tiger.

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    Yeah that's what I typed but you can always count on auto-correct to erronesouly fix something you text.

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    They plan to open either 3/16 or 3/23.

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