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Thread: 700 West

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    It goes WAY beyond Century Center. They are the guys behind the guys.

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    Gotcha. I must be in the habit of expecting self-developed projects to be tenant financed.

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    In a meeting yesterday, OCURA decided to put this property back out for RFP.

    Will post the RFP when it is issued.

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    Looks like OCURA is working a deal for this site with Palomar Family Justice Center.

    They are now renting space at 1140 N. Hudson (old Northcare offices owned by Midtown Renaissance) and also took a run at renovating the old City Jail but I noticed on the Alliance update that they are now actively working with them to take this property and build a permanent home.

    Here is an article on Palomar from the Oklahoman:

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    That site would probably be a better fit for Palomar than the 1140 Hudson location. Ties in with the rest of the law enforcement entities nearby.

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