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Thread: 700 West

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    It goes WAY beyond Century Center. They are the guys behind the guys.

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    Gotcha. I must be in the habit of expecting self-developed projects to be tenant financed.

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    In a meeting yesterday, OCURA decided to put this property back out for RFP.

    Will post the RFP when it is issued.

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    Looks like OCURA is working a deal for this site with Palomar Family Justice Center.

    They are now renting space at 1140 N. Hudson (old Northcare offices owned by Midtown Renaissance) and also took a run at renovating the old City Jail but I noticed on the Alliance update that they are now actively working with them to take this property and build a permanent home.

    Here is an article on Palomar from the Oklahoman:

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    That site would probably be a better fit for Palomar than the 1140 Hudson location. Ties in with the rest of the law enforcement entities nearby.

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    O’Connor: Site available for mixed-use development

    By: Cathy O'Connor Guest Columnist June 26, 2018

    A great deal of new development and investment is happening in and around the Central Business District. The OKC Streetcar, Downtown Convention Center, Omni Hotel and Scissortail Park alone will bring thousands of visitors to the area on a regular basis. In addition, Oklahoma City is experiencing an increased demand to live downtown.

    One of the last key parcels of land owned by the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority in the downtown area is currently available for redevelopment. The parcel, just over 2.5 acres, is on the southeast corner of NW Fourth Street and N. Shartel Avenue. The site represents a tremendous opportunity for the selected redeveloper and for Oklahoma City. The site is within walking distance and within the enrollment boundary for the acclaimed John Rex Charter Elementary School and Middle School. The unique charter school places students in the heart of the city for daily exposure to the culturally rich amenities that are available only in downtown Oklahoma City.

    The redevelopment of the NW Fourth and Shartel site will add to the vibrancy and walkability of the area, which is why it is offered for a high-density, mixed-use development. The request for proposals is available on the OCURA website. The pre-submission meeting is July 9 and proposals are due Oct. 1.

    An important component to the development of the site is mixed-income housing with both affordable and market-rate options. Diversity is crucial to the strength and heart of our community. The Alliance for Economic Development, OCURA, and the city of Oklahoma City have been intentional in encouraging downtown developments that have healthy mix of diverse incomes, lifestyles, types of housing and building use. For example, the Core to Shore TIF policy encourages the inclusion of affordable housing with residential projects.

    OCURA’s most recent redevelopment award, at the southwest corner of E.K. Gaylord Boulevard and the Oklahoma City Boulevard, will be a midrise mixed-use development with a blend of affordable and market-rate housing. Named Boulevard Place, the project includes a day care center and a playground, retail and restaurant space, high-end finishes and a multi-level rooftop amenity deck with a pool. This project will transform that corner, which is the gateway to downtown from the Boulevard.

    We look forward to these and other transformational projects in the downtown core.

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    Thanks for posting this... I didn't realize they put out this RFP on June 1st. Submissions are due Oct. 1st.

    From the RFP:

    Workforce or mixed-income housing is strongly preferred. Units can be a mix of market rate and affordable. No differentiation should be visible in the quality of the market and affordable units. Indicate in the proposal the anticipated:
     unit mix,
     unit size,
     target tenant population,
     rent prices,
     affordability requirements (if any)
     length of affordability term (if any), and
     basis for the proposed mix.

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    Very Exciting!

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    Wait, I like this, but the last we heard I thought the juvenile justice place was going to go here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnw View Post
    Wait, I like this, but the last we heard I thought the juvenile justice place was going to go here?
    They have been talking to them and Cathy O'Connor had mentioned it in a public forum / document.

    OCURA is required to go through an RFP process before selling off city-owned land but the way this is worded indicates they are now leaning towards housing.

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