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    Will it not have beige brick on the south elevation anymore? That's what the renderings show.

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    South elevation will be alternating beige (to somewhat match the Civic Center and other buildings in the area) and dark brick. See the article at the top of the page.

    The North elevation -- which does not face those beige structures -- will be dark brick.

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    Didn't get any pictures, but I drove by today and structure is going up!

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    I'm pretty excited a out these because I think they're going to make the Civic Center so much more appealing, which is important when you're going to an artistic event.

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    Took these this evening:

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    Those windows are great! I really like this development. I would consider moving here if it wasn't for lack of protected parking.

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    Such a great little infill development.

    Thanks KayneMo!

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    Looking really sharp.

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    These are so much better than The Hill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
    These are so much better than The Hill.
    Lol okay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
    These are so much better than The Hill.
    These are different than The Hill, not better.

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    The first two photos are from the north side.

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    Sharper than expected. Pleasantly surprised and will take a new look with fresh eyes at these.

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    Love this project.

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    The MLS shows 29 of 40 sold.

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    These look very nice and urban. Well done

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    I was interested to see how these units hit the downtown residential market. Someone is already trying to rent a 780 sq ft unit out for $1200/month. Considering there is only 5 of these left for sale right now, it will be very interesting to see where rental rates stack up in this area. Investors could really make some money in this emerging area near Film Row.

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    Looking back at all the complaining about the pricing back in 2014 (on page 2 of this thread) is amazing...considering how quickly things are jumping over $300/sf downtown, and knowing what we know now about all that's coming to that side of downtown.. to think just how fast downtown is growing is something else.

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    I just ran some basic math that I do for my rental properties before I buy them. I try to get a best case return of at least 8% on cash deals. If that rental above is 1200 a month time 12, minus ~1200 for taxes, minus ~1200 for insurance, minus ~$2640/year in HOA, and divide all that by the purchase price of ~$185,000 you get a best case scenario of 5% (reality probably 2-3%) return on a cash deal. Plus it looks like you'd have to buy a washer and dryer. So I would probably pass as buying for a rental but they do look really nice.

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