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    Quote Originally Posted by Ross MacLochness View Post
    agreed.. baffled by the strong hate. I like the design of ours better than most of the other omnis I've seen. The open air cafe/restaurant spaces, pool that faces the park, the fact that there will be some brick rather than just eifs... One could argue about the city and financing and what not, I'm but the building/hotel itself looks like it will be very nice.
    I like the hotel and general design, I think the issue is more about what we are getting for our tax dollars, and that's more than fair.

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    Your 100% correct in many of your points, but Louisville paid way more for their hotel and it's not as close as it seems. The total construction cost for L'ville was $320 million. They already owned the land and their parking garage was gifted to them from River city for $17 million. So basically L'ville has an actual $300 million dollar building. That's not including the garage or nothing else, that's the actual building.

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    Has Architect, or someone else, posted a 3D model of the CBD (viewed from a few angles) incorporating the Omni as currently designed?
    If it's been posted, I missed it somehow. Would love to see it.

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    Designs for the 17-story Omni 605 room Omni to be built next to the city's new convention center shows the hotel will front the future downtown boulevard with restaurants and bars designed also to draw visitors at the future Scissortail Park.

    The new $235.5 million convention center hotel agreement requires OKC to subsidize $85.4 million; while Omni invests $150.1 million.

    Proposed Fairfield Inn & Suites will be a 5-story, 133-room hotel on the southwest corner of SW 4th and Shields.

    Total room count on the new convention center complex site south of the Chesapeake Energy Arena will offer 738 rooms.

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    That is the old design for the Fairfield Inn and Suites

    Proposed Fairfield Inn & Suites will be a 5-story, 133-room hotel on the southwest corner of SW 4th and Shields.[/QUOTE]

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    Oops! Thanks for calling this to my attention.

    Proposed Fairfield Inn & Suites will be a 5-story, 130-room hotel on the southwest corner of SW 4th and Shields.
    735 rooms will be on the convention center complex site.

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