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    Hello everyone. I'm a new poster to the site. I've enjoyed reading all the posts, especially in the Nostalgia section. Does anyone remember the name of a video store that used to be in a shopping center off of S. Western (possibly the one across from the Winchester drive-in, but I'm not for sure). It had a toy "van" inside for kids to climb on, that was covered in shag carpet. My wife and I used to go there, long before we knew each other, as kids. But I can't remember what it was called or where exactly it was.

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    Hey, hope you are still around to read this. I remember that store. You're are right about the location, it was right at 74th and western, right across from the drive in. The play van was covered in green carpet, I bet I can find a picture somewhere! The store name was Video Visions. It was actually owned by my parents. As a kid we had a great time playing up there. We got to take home movies and Nintendo games all the time. My friends loved it when I spent the night with them, free movies! That's great that you and your wife remember the place, I'd love to hear any other memories you might have?

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